Voters and Values: CA's Prop 8 - A Biblical View

 The will of the people – 7 million of them – has been overturned.


Worse than that, the will (and Word) of Almighty God has been rejected.


This August, Judge Vaughn Walker, another judicial activist and an open homosexual, ruled that there was no “rational basis” for the “yes” votes of California’s millions in the 2008 election. Supporters of Proposition 8 are impeded by their own prejudices and “stereotypes,” according to his opinion. Consequently, the judge righted what he concluded to be a grievous wrong committed by millions of illogical and irrational voters who unjustly deprived a vocal minority of equal status with heterosexual couples.


The major complaint we hear about the judge’s decision is based on a reversal or denial of the will of the people. However, the will of the people should not necessarily be the law or the primary reason for upholding or opposing a position. Common law, that which is derived from the experiences of the people, can have merit. Stronger, however, is constitutional law and law that can derived from biblical foundations. The pith of principles must always trump the power of the people.


The Bible provides sufficient examples of the error of the majority when they failed to uphold principles. Absolutes must absolutely be the primary basis for our convictions and actions. Since leaders can subvert laws, and deluded voters can ignore principles, those who seek to preserve good must ultimately base their stands on immutable truths.