New Moms for Palin

Like millions of othewr American’s, I tuned in to the Sarah Palin speech last night and was impressed, and inspired.

If you want to get into demographics, I suppose it’s no great surprise that I am the sort of person who would be a Sarah Palin fan. I’m a conservative republican, VERY educated on economic issues and a huge Milton Friedman fan, and a cost savings analyst during my short career. I also extensively studied the underlying economic structure and performance of the oil industry (both American and International) as part of my undergraduate degree in Economics. I also am a military wife to a Navy pilot from good old Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – who is a plain spoken, honest, and occasionally brash/independant sort of guy – so I have a soft spot for John McCain as well.

However, in case I didn’t make it clear, most recently I became a Mom – and it’s been an amazing experience. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy less than 2 months ago.

Of all the things I liked about Sarah Palin last night, the thing i liked the MOST is the direct, dignified, and DEFINITIVE way she defended her family, including her newest “perfect, beautiful, baby boy.” Maybe it was my hormones, or maybe it was her performance, personality and POWERFUL PRESENCE, but I cried last night.Since last Friday, the media and political “pundits” and hacks on both the right and left have come out of the wood work to doubt and attack this woman. The criticism has ranged from the professional (she’s not experienced enough), to the personal (she’ll be distracted by her family responsibilities). On top of it, the more desperate folks out there decided on Monday to start attacks on this woman’s children and husband. Many people out there have been wondering how in the world this “political novice” would react to the firestorm.

Well, last night we found out that she’d handle matters with poise, intelligence, and wit. The woman is a political star in the making. However, last night I was most inspired by Sarah Palin as a Mom. Despite the ugliness of the past few days, and the fact that her children – and any and all of their vulnerabilities – have been thrust under the glare of a national spotlight, she demonstrated the ability to be a leader nad defender who could bear up under a harsh attack and maintain a poised personal image and stay on message. She took the stage with grace, and led off by speaking PROUDLY and TENDERLY about her family AGAIN. There was no backing down, no hiding issues in dark corners and closets, and no apologizing for being human – there was simply an excited young political star giving tribute to children she loves and is proud of, and a husband who seems to be a partner. And there was a woman who is a heartbeat away from the Presidency… during dark and dangerous times… a woman who seems like she can withstand vicious attacks and quickly come out speaking forcefully, intelligently, and appropriately as a leader, advocate, and proud defender for those she loves.

What a FABULOUS example of how to take on jerks and bullies, and simultaneously be a poised intelligent leader and graceful, confidant “Momma Bear.” Not a bad description of what we need in a President. As Stephen Colbert aptly and ironicly stated in ADVANCE of this speech, Sarah Palin put America in “time-out.” Granted, as of Thursday morning the liberal media are back at it (some children just won’t liten!), they really are all beginning to look like the self-important, petulant, adolescents we know them to be.

In light of these childish attacks by media bullies, we can olnly hope that tonight, OUR FRIEND John McCain takes the stage, and with a patient, honest, clear… and maybe FATHERLY tone… he speaks to American conservative and independants about the serious issues of our time. Maybe he’ll reassure us all a little bit, settle us down, and get us to focus on the future, and the importance of pursuing real American goals and serious issues. And maybe in the process, he’ll help rebuild a little self-esteem and confidance amongst conservatives and Republicans…. despite all the attacks from media BULLIES AND SNOBS, and the same old far left jerks who rloutinely attack us. Sure, McCain is a little old and tough, and Palin a little young and unknown, but the combination of McCain and Palin is exactly what we NEED right now. WIth most of America swept up in juvenile adolation of their sensational pop culture hero Obama (a la Britney Spears) we really do need someone to come in and call “time out” and a solid, respectable fatherly type to sit us down, and REFOCUS everyone on serious issues… while patiently encouraging us to go forward with self esteem and confidance and pursue what we believe in regardless of whether or not it makes us popular with the “in” crowd.