I have always been an optimist.  Yes, a realist…but still an optimist.  While this post-election brings jubilation for some people, for others this is a moment of ominous portent.  Many of us were not content to vote on the ‘charisma’ ticket.  We want our American president to show us his credo, his content, and even his credentials.  This is not about race.  Had president-elect Obama shown his birth record, his college history, his Fund and Foundation records, and had he supplied simple figures on who was giving him the enormous amounts of questionable money, and further, had he explained his overly-friendly relationships with people who want to decimate America, maybe he would have garnered my vote.  People who criticized Obama were called ‘racist’—even some blacks.  I’m white, and I say, “God bless African-Americans”, they have made my life richer, fuller, and far more exciting than life could ever have been without them.  My faith, and my God, and I, cannot have it otherwise.  So don’t call me racist!  I simply want a President of the United States to be a man of honesty, decency, and of transparency—nothing I wouldn’t want out of a friend or someone with whom I work, or what I wouldn’t have them ask of me.  What’s so difficult to understand about that?  These words--honesty, decency, and transparency--by their very nature, demand at least a cursory review of what they reference.  Barack Obama would not allow it, his followers decried it, and the once-forthright media institutions, concealed it.  While Democrats are on a political ‘high’, this is a venal low in American history.

The optimist in me quieted down, and the realist is speaking. “People have cast a blind eye to the need to check the weather before the trip”, he’s saying, “so prepare for a turbulent ride.”
One of life’s deepest, most penetrating questions is, “What is love?” I’ve heard answers from the simple, “It’s a new puppy,” to the ethereal, “It’s the movement of the waves, echoing the soft vibrations of the forces which…….” Never mind, you get my drift! If you don’t know what love is, I’ll tell you now, and you can put this treasure in your pocket and carry it with you for the rest of your life. The answer: “Love is not what you say, it’s what you do.” As my grandma used to say, “The proof is in the pudding.” Obama has captured much of America with his soaring rhetoric. On two different MSM cable newscasts, after the election results were declared, the announcers informed us all that, yesterday America was broken, was asunder, but today “America is perfect.” All because of a man who has done nothing, given nothing, and shown nothing. But because of the ‘gift of gab’, Obama has people weeping and falling prostrate at his feet. Not only is this alarmingly irresponsible by the American public, it is truly scary.
According to election outcome percentages, about 46% of Americans didn’t get simple answers to basic questions. In the long history of our electoral process, we have been allowed to make our choice on a volume of information, not on muted denials of fact. It’s as if our national dialogue was in a coma. As sure as dialogue was born, it’s in for a rude awakening. Those who have been pounding on the bedside waiting for the body politic to wake up, know what miasma lies ahead, and so should you. From now on, you’ll have to sacrifice some of your ten healthy essentials, and learn to swallow ten very large, tough pills. First, here are the ten healthy essentials you’ve become so used to, which you will have to give up in some form or another.

1..The freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition 2..The right to keep and bear arms 3..The right not to quarter troops in your home during peacetime 4..The right to no unreasonable search and seizure 5..The right to due process and no self-incrimination 6..The right to a speedy trial and to confront witnesses 7..The right to trial by jury 8..The right to no excessive bail, or cruel and unusual punishment 9..The right to the State reservation of rights, rights to the people 10..The right to Federal reservation of rights, rights to the State or people

 Now, here are ten unsavory pills which you may be required to force down.  I’ve put a line in front of each one of them, so you have a place to put an “X” when you’ve had to take your medicine.  You won’t like it, so try to remember it’s for your own good.

1. A crackdown on dissent. If you think Obama, by kicking conservative newsmen off his plane, threatening civil suits against anyone ‘unfairly’ criticizing him, or calling Americans ‘racist’ for condemning the multitude of black ACORN personnel caught perpetrating voter fraud was wrong, get ready, it’s going to get worse. The Fairness Doctrine is as good as gone, the Freedom of Information Act will be deemed unnecessary and will be on a ‘need to know’ format. Google, with its’ new owner, is now as close to Obama as is Bill Ayers, and it will continue to remove content it considers objectionable to the goals of the Obama presidency, just as it has already begun to do in the last 90 days. 2. The end of private ownership of guns. Obama didn’t sit on the Joyce Foundation, and give money to ‘total-gun-ban’ lobbyists for nothing. He’ll start by curbing the sale of certain ammunition, then most ammunition, and then guns, by saying it’s the best way to reduce crime. Then the responsible people with guns, like hunters, ex-policemen, ex-firemen, ex-military and the like, who keep crime low because criminals know they have the guns, will have to surrender those guns. And the M-13 gangs in the inner-cities, the drug gangs on the border, and violent criminals in general who have guns, will have a bang-up time. 3. A major decrease in the financial support, as well as the moral support for Israel. No one would listen, not even American Jews, who have now sold-out their homeland. This is disastrous. This nation was born, weaned, and has matured (used loosely) on Judeo-Christian values, and we can expect to see those eroded. 4. Legalization of tens of millions of illegal aliens, giving people—some here briefly and some criminals–the same rights as you and I, making everything all the legal immigrants have worked for, and all of what our forebears fought for, equal to spit. 5. A new National Service Corps and the reintroduction of the draft. There will be two choices. ‘Volunteer’ for the military, or ‘volunteer’ for a homeland security force. This last organization will be formed to ‘protect our borders from terrorist infiltration, and to finally get a handle on America’s crime problem.’ Many police departments will be phased out, a large portion of the ‘homeland security force’ will be armed military units, and they will have unfettered power, since the right of Americans to keep and bear arms will make them wholly vulnerable to suppression. 6. Gays will openly serve in the military. It has already been shown, that the gay agenda has not only pushed their agenda hard, they have abused their power. They have voted down school bills in ‘blocks’, their gay parades have turned into revolting, deviant ‘sexcapades’–instead of respectful, proud parades which might dignify their choice, to denigrating and blaspheming the historical American family, on their way to claiming ‘partnership.’ Our energetic young people, once enthusiastic about serving their country, and able to do so amicably under the ‘don’t ask–don’t tell’ criterion, will now balk. This is a no-win situation, and our military ‘esprit’ will plummet. 7. A deterioration of the traditional black church and the rise of Black Theology churches. Historically, black churches have been bastions of hope, beacons of faith, and the core of black existence in America. They have been marvelous, and have brought black America to a point where blacks are now on equal footing with everyone else, if they really want to be. The black church, is slowly being politicized with angry divisive vitriol. Where once the message was of Martin Luther King and of Christ, a message reminding us we are all God’s children—equal and free—and commanding us to live together in brotherly love, the message now in an increasing number of churches, like those of Jeremiah Wright and Father Phlager, is a form of black supremacy, which condemns our nation’s Euro-heritage and traditions. 8. The further denigration of American Christians. First, the Iraq War has unjustly been called the ‘Christian War’. Also, while 99% of Christians could care less about a person’s sexuality, or what they do with each other behind closed doors, the behavior is simply and personally unnatural to Christians, and furthermore, they feel gays openly disrespect and devalue the revered and historical institution of marriage—a sacred, binding bond. In protecting this bond, while not disrespecting gay choices or behavior, they are nonetheless called bigots and homophobes. With the promotion of new gay right’s, we can only expect more derision and pinpointed ‘hate’ legislation directed at Christians.
9. A greater, more pronounced call to appreciate the Muslim faith. Somewhere around 5-million Muslims, not quite 2% of Americans, live in the United States. The Christian religion is said to be at least 75% of the U.S. population, about 225-million people. While the Muslim faith is a wonderful and honorable religion, with most Muslims being dedicated Americans, there are inordinate accommodations being made for Muslims, but not for other religions. In some locations, separate bathrooms are being built for Muslims because some of them will not share facilities with ‘infidels’, and in some cases, airports for instance, ‘foot baths’ for Muslims are being installed for daily prayer, where a confessional for a Catholic is not allowed. And, the loud daily ‘calls to prayer’ over loud speakers from mosques is allowed, while Catholic churches have been sued for their once-a-week ‘offensive’ church bells. I believe we will be asked by Obama to take in a high number of Muslim ‘refugees’ to show our compassion. Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi today, told his nation that the U.S. now has a Muslim and a brother in the White House. 10. A modern Supreme Court will move closer to replacing the American voter. If one party gains the Presidency, the Senate, and the Congress, eliminating most of our checks and balances, a case will be broached that voting is only becoming moot. This last pill will be very hard to swallow, and could be a real killer.

 Having said all this, I want America to be free, united, and at peace.  To be free we need to continue in our vigil.  Hopefully, my second list is a ‘watch list’, not a ‘to-do’ list.  Let’s renew our strength and continue forward--it is more important now than ever because our freedom truly is at stake.  To be united, we need to stand as one.  In this 2008 election, like it or not, America as a nation has spoken, and unless we work together we will fall.  Over half the people voted for Obama, but not all of them cast a ballot for ‘charisma.’   Most probably voted because they sincerely believe what he told them, and they want to improve our country.  We cannot be divisive, we need to be gracious, support them, and stand together.  To be at peace we need to keep the faith and believe in America even more.  Remember, steel is made stronger when it is put through fire and tempered.  It has to go through fire.  And the bible calls for prayer.  It says specifically to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  And it tells us to pray for our leaders—it doesn’t say, skip praying for the president you didn’t vote for.  So at least on Inauguration Day, pray for revival in America, pray for wisdom in our new president, pray he does the will of the people, pray he does God’s will, and pray we all thrive and prosper.  A last note of hope:  This election, a lot of people compared Governor Sarah Palin to Esther, of the Old Testament.  Many believed strongly in this, and were disappointed at her loss.  If you recall however, Esther went forward, beseeched her king, and her faith and presence saved her people--not when her people had the power, but when her people were being ruled.

Kelcy Allen