A CALL TO ARMS

THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN! The Redcoats are coming! WE ARE THE NEW MILLENIUM MILITIA…! With only three weeks remaining we ‘must’ marshal our forces! Put away your guns–THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD…..! Remember: To keep our guns, we don’t use our guns! We defeat the frenzied arrogance of the left with TRUTH! Our troops need to concentrate on finding, absorbing, and dispensing information! The economy has become a distraction–let it go, it will pass! SOCIALISM WILL NOT! We need foot soldiers, as well as online techies, examining library, newspaper, radio, and T.V. archives; combing company, banking, and storage records; and searching IRS, and dissident group computer files. Aliases, online names, web addresses–find that smoking gun! Use the Freedom of Information Act before they take it away! We need FACTS! Follow rumors, but be careful, rumors can and will destroy facts, and they are self-defeating. Find the Bill Ayers/Barack Obama nexuses, there has to be a plethora of them, and remember…..INFORMATION IS POWER!
SIDLEY AUSTIN…..Chicago law firm where Michelle Obama and Bernardine Dohrn worked, where Barack and Michelle met……clients, workers, parties?Early CHICAGO DEMONSTRATIONS…who protested, for whom, with whom? Ayers arrested in 1968 DNC riots. Ward Churchill aka “Ward Debo”, was there. Did Obama admit, pay fines, FILING FALSE IRS TAX RETURNS for Ayer gifts?
Woods Fund and Annenberg Foundation building names? Doormen, clerks, custodians, employment records? Adjacent offices, fellow employees, cafes? Did Michelle and dad invest in retail property owned by Wm. Ayers in 1996?William Ayers/Bernardine Dohrn used aliases for 2 years while ducking the F.B.I. Track her too, she sheds. Later, ANY Chicago activity/business using aliases?
The government calls them moles, because they’re hard to find, so be creative! Take a couple days off, network with friends, and brainstorm possibilities. Geeks, laborers, attorneys, truckers, moms, and moose hunters, “LET’S ROLL!” UNITED WE STAND