The Left Wing Media's Campaign to Pass Health Care Reform

Surfing around the internet today I have found many left leaning media outlets, such as TIME.com calling for support on the health care reform bill.  Karen Tumulty from Time’s Swampland blog has a posting up which basically says “Pelosi has the votes to pass the health care reform bill, but call your Representative anyways to make sure it happens”.  http://swampland.blogs.time.com/2010/02/28/health-care-can-nancy-pelosi-get-it-done/#comments

Tumulty, a far left liberal extremists, who writes for the swampland blog has been on a crusade for the past year to pass any kind of reform bill by the Democrat clowns on Capitol Hill.  She started out the past year with a cover story with TIME ragazine about her indigent brother who did not have health care insurance.  She used her brother as a tool to show how unfair health care is, and how he must pay nearly half of the money he makes towards his health care insurance. 

Now in most families I know, if they have a loved one who needs help, they simply help them.  But in the liberal world of Karen Tumulty she wants everyone else to foot the bill for her indigent brother so she gets off without any responsibility. 

Now I know this sounds harsh.  But, Democrats do not realize how much money can be raised in charity to help those in need.  Americans have been freely giving when their neighbor or friend needs help.  Where we have fallen short is putting on pressure to make individuals more responsible for their own actions.  There is all kinds of help for people who truly are in need in this country.  More so than in any other country in the world.  The problem lies in the fact we have many people who are not deserving of the help, and are using and abusing the system. 

There is an old saying; “You can give a man fish to feed his family.  But, you can also teach a man to fish so he can feed his own family”.

Rather than allowing charitable care help people like Karen Tumulty’s brother, she and her ilk want the Government to be in control of the money and decide if her brother should be assisted.  In my mind, that is not the role of the government.  It is time this practice is stopped.  It is time for us to take back our country and make our fellow citizens more responsible for themselves and their families.

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