Health Care: "What is next after the Summit"?

Yesterday was a day full of political theater.  The kabuki-like charades and all the “gotcha” comments spewed forth mainly from the Democrats was nothing short of disgusting.  You see my American friends, Washington does not pass any legislation which will benefit you or me.  They first check with their special interest groups or lobbyists to see who will pay them more for their vote.  Did you vote for Barack Obama so he could provide us with deals for big Drug companies?  Did you vote for “change we can believe in” so that we can hand over a Nebraska “corn-husker” deal? 

The good news is that hopefully Nancy Pelosi does not have the votes necessary to pass the Senate version of the health care reform bill from hell.  I have estimated votes based on the anti-abortion legislation which Representative Bart Stupak proposed, and it seems that Nancy will only garner 212 votes from her Progressive Caucas.  She needs 217.  Of course to me, that is way too close for comfort.  If we do not act to stop her, to put the whip vote count down below 200, I fear She, Barack Hussein Obama and Dirty Harry Reid will succeed.  Hopefully our Tea Party Patriots and their friends will help us defeat this bill once and for all.  We cannot wait until the up-coming November elections. 

I am also confident they will propose some “Plan B” for health care reform, if Nancy cannot give them the votes they need to destroy our health care system the way it exists.  Plan B will be some watered down version, but just as dangerous none-the-less.  We must join together to make our voices heard.  We must tell Washington, “We do not want Government-run Health Care”.  Tell them to stay out of our individual lives. 

The corruption in Washington is at near all time highs.  Gone are the days when we could depend upon a Man (or Woman) for his “word”.  To know when he spoke it was the truth.  We are indeed a very lost society on the brink I am afraid of complete failure. 

Our Media is nothing more than a supermarket tabloid, proclaiming the next victim of some sexual diviance.  Reputable magazines such as TIME or Newsweek have fallen to the low levels of the National Enquirer.  They now simply report on all the atrocities that spew out of Washington like liquid cow manure into those holding pits we see on nearby farms. 

Democrats will now push for reconciliation.  As Obama pronounced in his closing remarks yesterday, he will “mull over” the day’s discussion, but in the end he will not wait more than a few weeks.  He is hell bent on passing health care reform legislation as it will be his defining legacy for the history books.  It is also equally defining for the Democrats in general.  Their ideas for America are big government programs, filled with many constraining regulations with taxes to burden the working people of this country to prop up their evil intentions.  Without our dollars they steal as taxes from those of us who are working hard to even get by, they are powerless.  But, with trillions of dollars at their disposal, they can buy whatever policy or program seems to fit their whim of the day.  They have already raided Social Security and Medicare, making both of these programs insolvent.  Now they want to set up another entitlement program to take even more of our hard earned dollars away from us. 

I know I sound despondent, but these are the days foretold many years ago.  The days that good conservative men and women of our past feared would happen for this country.  No longer can we look to the United States as that shinning beacon upon the hill.  Gone are those days when we felt proud of this country as it defined who we are and what we stood for in our lives.  We have sold our souls to the Devil himself.  The devil who is Barack Obama in the flesh.  You have one more chance to stop this mad-man Ladies and Gentlemen.  One more chance to make your voice heard.  I do hope and pray you voice it now.