Unleash the Anger, Take the Lead!

McCain is making a big mistake right now. He’s afraid of being branded a hothead by letting his temper go. But he needs to ease up on the self-control and get on the air and say that he’s upset with the state of the country and is even more upset that Obama would threaten to invoke socialist methods to eliminate choice, competition, and jobs for our citizens. He needs to get angry and start attacking Obama on what he has left wide-open: (1) socialist health-care that is just like faltering medicare, (2) American soldiers are PREVENTING even more genocide in Iraq – if we withdraw on a timetable that country will be wiped off the map by assailants waiting it out, (3) Americans have a right to know the connections and ties and beliefs of a candidate for the Most Powerful Job on Earth – so questioning the influences of Alinsky, Ayers, Rezko, and the like is not just legitimate – it is our DUTY as citizens, (4) naievity in foreign policy, (5) huge and IMPOSSIBLE-to-finance new spending during an economic crisis! (WHERE DOES MONEY COME FROM – Does Obama really know we can’t just print more of it?), (6) what has he done for Chicago as a state senator? Who does he really care about? What does his record really say?. These are all philosophical statements in nature and every American can relate to them and understand them! He needs to step up the attacks and say in a bold voice: “I know times have been tough for you. I know that you’ve seen your savings slip away. But I will lead us to new jobs. I will lead us to relief from health care costs. I will lead us to Victory in an epic struggle for freedom and safety from terrorism not just for Iraqi’s but for every nation! We will do this the right way, the AMERICAN way, through the principles that our forefathers set forth for our country – I will stay true to the red, white, and blue and I will not let these colors fade!”

THAT is what most Americans need to hear – a leader.