Palin; The Future Of Politics?

First, I am new to this. Politics, blogs, voicing my opinions….all unknownn territory for me, but this election seems to be new territory for everybody. First African American Presidential Candidate…..First Woman Republican VP Candidate…no doubt about it, who ever wins this November will be making history.

With Obama drawing unheard of crowds for politcal events, and McCain’s choice of VP totally revitalizing his campaign, one has to wonder what’s going on with this election. We’ve had Woman VP candidates before. African American candidates are not a new thing. Why is this all so attractive to the 80% of America that never really cared about politics before?

Change. Its a word heard by every party in every election since this country started. It’s practically become a cliche in politics. But when Obama burst from Illinois trumpeting change, it took on a new life. He was not normal candidate. His idea’s were different…hell, he was different. The whole “Change We Can Believe In” became realistic, and Americans flocked to him by the millions to show their rabid desire to induce change in this country.

As the primaries wore on, however, the change Obama preached began to crack, however subtly, and then little spots of the status-quo started showing. This was not change. This is the same old politics packaged in a new exciting way, like a product thats bad for your health that you by anyways because its in a really cool box and says “New and Improved”. Its still the same thing you’ve always gotten when you bought it. This was evidenced by the selection of Biden as VP Candidate. This wasnt change. This was politics as usual.

When McCain announced Palin, the country went wild. Again, it’s comes down to change. Here was another new product, packaged in an even better box, with “New and Improved” in bigger letters. However, when you bought this product, you were surprised. It was different. It was better.

It was change.

Thats all the American people want, I believe. We are tired of 60+ year old career Washington politicians telling us what we want, what we need. They have become so distant from the realities of real America, that most of us have ignored politics for a long time. Politicians were all alike, they just used different names. Republican. Democrat. Every four years they came out and told us what they thought we wanted to hear. Kind of like a geriatric Olympics. We quit paying attention. Until now.

Palin is change. I wont repeat her accomplishments, her story, because by now everyone has heard them. But this is what the American people want. A politican that we can relate to. Some one who hasnt been tainted by Washington, some one who speaks their mind, and has been where we have. Obama reminded us what we wanted in government. McCain introduced us to her.

Change will never be the same again.

McCain/Palin 2008.