Palin/Ditka 2012!!!!!

Since noone knows who’s going to be the next Senator from Illinois, why not speculate on the Undenyable Awesomeness that could be Palin/Ditka 2012!!!!

See ol’ Dicky Durbin, democrat Illinois, proposed having a special election rather than having the imprisoned democrat governor appoint the next senator from his jail cell.  In this climate of democratic corruption a perfect storm in the form of a former super bowl winning coach may emerge to clean up the mess.  Mike Ditka Super Senator could run and win in the bluest of blue states.  Only a man capable of defeating the heavenly hosts at golf could win as a republican in Illinois.  Well true believers Mike Ditka Super Senator is just the man to run and win.

This incredible occurance is only step 1 in my ultimate fantasy, however, because even more ultimate awesomeness awaits America in 4 short years.  As Super Senator Mike Ditka raps up his 3 year in the Senate in which he filibustering for a record 1,095 straight days, he is chosen to be the VP pick of Sarah Palin…

It is at this point I can no longer fathom the unimaginable awesomeness of Super Conservatism in the form of the “Perfect Ticket”.  It is frankly like contemplating God.  I simply cannot grasp it.  Only by watching Sarah Palin and Coach Ditka through a burning bush could any of us be worthy.

Sarah Palin/Mike Ditka 2012

A guy can dream can’t he.