Conservatism in exile...Will we learn from this?

We stand on the brink of total defeat in Washington. No President, no filibuster in Congress, and a group of young liberals to replace the old liberals on the Supreme Court. All the struggles and successes of Reagan and Gingrich wasted and compromised by another Bush. Another attempt at bi-post-polypartisanship has given us a government run into the ground. Bush’s 2nd term destroyed our brand and we are left in exile.

Now what?

After watching the bailout I wonder did we learn anything from 2006?

Without the complication of actual governance maybe we will return to “First Principles”. We do after all have great ideas about how to improve America. It’s just a shame so many of our ideas are never made into reality by our politicians.

It doesn’t look like the American people will bailout the GOP this time, and can you really blame them? In your heart of hearts after giving out free drugs, screwing up the war by not kicking a$$, going for amnesty, straight and gay sex scandles, and a housing bailout is the GOP even conservative anymore???

I knew the world had gone mad when my Dem. Senator voted against the bailout while my GOP Senator voted for it.

I just pray that this defeat will teach the GOP that conservatism wins not compromise. I also pray that Sarah Palin goes RINO hunting in 2012 and Bobby Jindal makes them into gumbo.