McCain's Single Term Pledge

It’s the only thing that can avoid an Obama presidency now. Here’s what I just wrote to the McCain campaign.

I am a McCain supporter from 2000 now more interested in avoiding an Obama presidency than anything else. Please consider doing the only thing you can do to win this election with eight days to go: Announce on *Meet the Press *that you will commit to a single term as President.

Be frank and tell Americans who want to vote for Sen. Obama but are wary of his experience that this will give him four more years to establish his credibility and ensure he’ll be ready on Day One. Be equally frank with Hillary supporters: This is the only way to ensure a viable Hillary campaign in 2012. Your fellow Republicans who ran against you will have another shot; and for those of you who frankly wouldn’t mind seeing this year’s ticket flipped, it will give you a chance to vote for Sarah Palin again in 2012, this time with four years’ experience a Vice President in a McCain administration on top of her resume.

Only this can change the game at this late stage. Please seriously consider it. An Obama administration with both houses of Congress will run this country into the ground at a time when we need steady stewardship and credible leadership. Please pledge to remain President for only a single term, tomorrow on Meet the Press.