Can someone help me reach John McCain?

I can provide a Global, Non Nuclear Energy Solution to FIX the broken US economy, and that of the falling world markets. I can make sure the steel and engineering plants of Michigan, Ohio and across US kick into gear again. I can make sure that peoples 401K’s and savings are all protected, and that they will appreciate in value again.

EVERY expense known to you , hinges on the price of energy, as that determines what you pay in transport,and production costs.

In a very simple reason – the ‘credit crunch’ you experience has only one reason : US job losses. The problem is not because banks loaned excessively etc..Even if you borrow $10k..and have a lower paying job, that is ok..as long as the sustained job, allows you to repay. Exposure happens, soon as that repayment cannot be met. If a person loses a job, they cannot pay for a thing. If you just take 50 000 people, having an average mortgage of $150k , and perhaps repaying on a car and a few other minor things on credit, and lets say thats $200k allround. 50000 x $200k already gives you an off the chart figure. US unemployment is now around 750 000 and climbing daily. Even this $700bn injection still means that financial institutions will lose thousands of jobs.

Look at the realities..GM is on the verge of collapse..Other institutions will soon emerge that also need finances..where does it stop?

Right now, you know the alternate energy forms of the norm: wind, solar and biofuels being the main ones. I will just take one example: windThe average 1mw wind turbine is costing taxpayers an average of $1.2million a pop. Technically, you can research it, and you’ll find the power output is overrated ..so, current estimates show that the taxpayers will be set back a few trillions, but Wind Power will NEVER offset oil dependance, or even provide anything close to what US requires.If yo just do a little research, you’ll see that, for all the alternative methods known, energy costs are RISING..but for some reason they call it ‘affordable’clean energy 🙂

I can provide the US federal govt with a full , clean, non nuclear energy solution.There are 2 stages to the generation1- Full, uninterrupted cyclic generation of electricity.2- Semi Cyclic generation of electricity converged over time zones.

This means a very wide flexibility. In both methods, the voltage output EXCEEDS the COMBINED OUTPUT of wind, solar and biofuels with the kicker being, its possible to engineer and implement at a fraction of the price you are now paying for eg. wind farms and solar farms. In a nutshell, Im saying you can get 1000X the power of all alternate known methods, for a fraction of the price now being injected into alternatives.

Do not believe people like the EU commissioner, or any other dumb politician in the world that says the age of affordable energy is over. Most politicians are morons, and probably enjoy the perks of walking on red carpets,and hopping into limousines..but they can solve nothing in their emergency talks and global initiatives.

I was sad to see US taxpayers lose $700bn ( because that will evaporate into loss really)

Energy Solutions do exist, and just because scientists and professors don’t know it , or cant get it does not mean its not possible. If you do not see US earn its energy security, its not because its not there..its because nobody listens. If I write your state depts and government on a National Security issue…they have ‘autoresponders’..so, where is that human component to receive important communications??

Remember Im saying..oil dependance will drop..you can have cheap electric fuel cells for cars..and your investments and savings will be safe again. The high price of energy will fall, because you will begin to actually have ‘affordable’ clean power. Your carbon emissions will drop, as petrol powered vehicles are systematically removed.

NEW Concept: The generation of unlimited ,daily, clean electricity into the national power grid, in volumes that, with implementation, will outstrip the combined output of wind and solar energy – Concept currently UNKNOWN as alternate energy provider.

I wrote to the UN and some governments/gov depts/EU commissioner etc, on a global energy solution that with implementation will provide more electricity than wind/solar/biofuels COMBINED.Here are a few aspects :

Type: Clean,non nuclear solution with guaranteed outputs, and minimal loss.Method: Currently UNKNOWN among the known methods of alternate electricity generation.What I am saying : The entire energy generation methodology of the globe will change.Oil Dependance : Guaranteed to drop systematically Emissions : Guaranteed to drop systematically as less use of petroleum, automatically reduces carbons.Cost Effective: In comparison to what is now being spent on wind, solar, biofuels – implementation costs less. Models can be flexible for developed/developing countries.Development: Because of the flexibility, it gives developers entire new direction , unlimited to a single standard.Environment: Minimal impact. Carbon emissions will be reduced on a large scale.Economic impact: Basically, the economies of the globe will be able to regenerate within 7-10 years. Low cost electricity, available daily and abundantly allows all sectors of societies to progress.

Drawbacks: One aspect is not possible to implement in wartorn areas with damaged or no basic infrastructures.This drawback does not apply in developed countries like US , UK or EU.Richer countries will need to assist poorer countries with some developments.Monopolistic govts, who are always quick to see ‘profits’ will have the ability to still charge high prices, so it will need possible international regulation .Developers, who are also quick to hike prices for installation of even affordable stuff, will want to be quick to exploit the concept for financial gains, rather than implement with a reasonable margin, for the actual purpose of unlimited electrical generation to be realised..and their reasoning will be because of what it provides, in terms of generation capability,and profits .Because of the sudden demand, even the producers of affordable components and materials will try to exploit the concept.Pre- legislative work is required in congress to ensure that 80% of the work happens within US, or greed will ensure that unlegislated, US citizens will be marginalised in the face of greed, searching for cheap components.

Positives:The energy output is guaranteed,daily.Energy is possible from what I shall term a partial cyclic, and full cyclic.Surplus can be channelled into storage too as the capability to store powergrows, especialy in remote areas.Only govts have the capacity to really roll out the concept,and how it should happen countrywide..so it is possible for them to regulate all departments/private sector/industries aligned etc beforehand.Only govts can allow the basis of implementations.Only govts can oversee maintenance/upgrades/technology advancements because power generation is a matter of national security.

US will meet its emissions targets.

The above are just basics..I can list it all in much greater detail .

1- Launching the concept requires a global energy summit. Only UN or a specific govt has the power to command that.2- The concept payment is to be made by strict pre-agreement with the US Federal Government. 3- All developed countries can utilise it, and even developing countries ..but it is not possible in wartorn regions like Darfur etc, unless they stabilise . Its possible if the installations are secure.4- The scale of the concept, has a global application, and can allow meeting the unrealistic targets now set, in 7-10 years. At current, you know wind,solar,hydro and biofuels combined cannot reduce oil dependance.5- Concept implementation, is guaranteeing daily renewal of electricity into national grids, with minor fluctuations of maybe 3-10% ,with the capability to expand implementations with minimal environmental impact, and flexible modelling.6- I am saying: If eg.1GW is the rated output from one installation, then that 1 GW is guaranteed with only a small fluctuation , daily. This is the secondary output capability. In the main installation capability, power is produced on a continuous ,uninterrupted basis .7- In 7-10 years, it will allow approx 60% of petrol powered vehicles vehicles to be totally removed. Electrical fuel cell will be a simple reality, because the electricity is fully available, by clean power.8- Oil will still be necessary , but not as it is now, in such high global volumes.9- There are different stages of developments- The main installations will deliver totally uninterrupted high energy , and the second stage developments offer determined periods of guaranteed output. The environmental, architectural, structural ,technical and related capabilities of the concept implementation ensure many different co-operative developments.