President of the United States of Ameri(k)a--Barack Obama??

First, I don’t care about polls. Any POTUS campaign that can have each candidate exchange 10pt leads within a couple of weeks makes me skeptical. However, what I care about is confidence. I can sense a lack of confidence in the McCain campaign. First, the VP nominee is nowhere to be found. Second, McCain is reading prepared statements at town hall meetings in Iowa. Third, If I hear anymore about earmarks I am going to throw up. The McCain camp needs to get to real issues. He needs to talk about taxes and smaller government.

I see supreme confidence in the Obama compaign. It makes me sick to see the arrogance on display every day. Yet he gets away with it. He is allowed to be all things to all people. A perfect display of extreme moderation. He carefully plans out what is the most popular thing to say and says it with his nose pointed to the sky.

McCain needs to hit and hit hard. Enough of this “my friends” speak. Get out and hammer Obama for the “arrogant know it all” that we know he is. Use plain language and properly identify him as the liberal that he is. Obama is not a moderate. Yet he gets away with the perception that he is. Make Obama defend his radical associations. Make Obama explain his “95 percent of all Americans will get a tax cut” plan. Make him explain how he is going to fund national health insurance and all the other programs he is promoting while giving tax cuts to 95 percent of Americans. Make him defend his plan to increase the capital gains and dividends tax.

If we are going to go down, go down fighting.