On Trump's Wall - Stop The Attacks and Re-Focus

Look… Like many of you on this site I didn’t want Trump as President but that simply means nothing moving forward. Not to call out people on this site but some of the top contributors seem hell bent on bashing Trump’s all be it imperfect but seemly conservative moves. Moves like moving forward with a BORDER WALL… You know the border wall which many of us (myself included) said he didn’t even intend on building… Well guess what!? we were wrong and now he is building it… but you have cry babies on our side who want to yell and scream about Trump’s lack of follow through on getting Mexico to pay for it…

This is the equivalent of begging your parents for a car for your 16th birthday and instead of getting the red Camaro you asked for you get a sensible Ford Focus. Are we really concerned (as conservatives) whether the MEXICAN GOVERNMENT pays for the United State’s CONSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITY? My GOD you people need to get a grip if you think the American people really give a flying flipp about whether Mexico pays for the wall. I really wish I could call some people out for tripping all over themselves trying to be the first to write about Trump’s “Lies” and broken campaign promise.

So here’s my point… Stop looking like an ASS HAT and Grow up… I know thats hard to hear but you need to hear it. If you really think that the American people really care about your rants that you got a car (a Wall with Mexico) that you’ve been begging to have but it just wasn’t the car you thought you were getting… Please take your outrage to someone else.


**PS Trump in October of 2016 stated that he would get Mexico to “Reimburse the US” for the cost of the wall.. So even your basic argument isn’t valid even though it doesn’t even matter anyway.