Conspiracy: Lewandowski NOT Fired

Let me preface this post with the fact that I don’t have any evidence for this nor do I put a ton of weight behind what I’m about to say. However, I do want to throw this out there just in case it comes true ;)…

I feel like the “Firing” of Cory Lewandowski may have been a sham and that he is still working for the campaign as a surrogate. It sounds wacky but hear me out. After watching the glowing interview Cory did,  constantly praising Trump on CNN it became apparent that he is not eating sour grapes. Then listening to Trump’s campaign reciprocate the same glowing messaging made me think something was up. Nothing about this firing makes sense if he was doing great and was so wonderful then why did he go? I believe Trump needed a manager with more experience but I think Trump is using Lewandowski as a mole to sniff out intel. Trump is a tyrant at heart and he is looking to get dirt on people to press his will into the general. Lewandowski could be bait for the media, someone to cozy up to so that they can “Get the dirt on Trump” all the while Lewandowski collects information about the media to relay to Trump.

This could be the most shrewd move any campaign has ever made or it could be just your typical campaign staff re-shuffle. I would point to Roger Stone’s “Exit” as an example of why this is not a typical reshuffling. Anyways that’s my crazy theory is it correct, who knows.