We Are The Dissidents... My Plan To Win


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I write you today in the darkest of days, our forces have all but been crushed and our uprising’s gains seemly squandered. Our media’s spies and political enemies have schemed against us and we are now but a small battered force. Our future is in deep searching and it remains uncertain. However in this moment of great despair, I’m reminded of something that might be amiss to many of you. Our strength was never in numbers…

Our Strength was always in the principles by which this country was founded. I don’t pretend to dismiss the reality we are faced with but I want to remind you of why we fight… and why we must fight on. We’re at the point of no return and we MUST create a solution. What is that solution?…. Its something I call, The Armageddon Contingency.

We MUST face facts here. This is not 1976 and there will be no Ronald Reagan or Ted Cruz to bail out the US after 4 years of Hillary. There will be only a president of what is left of our once great nation. I’m ready for a fight and our new battle plan should be to create an alliance ( Albeit temporary) with Trump to first beat Hillary and then focus on Trump post-November.

This plan is NOT a plan of ideals, its a plan of attack. We’re outgunned and we need a plan of action. Sitting on our hands will only lead to the end of our movement and make no mistake both Trump and Hillary are threats to our movement. However if we look to the founders for advice, we will find that a temporary alliance will be needed for our survival. The Alliance MUST come with a price through and deep and cutting repercussions for Trump if he betrays our agreement (Which he will). Conservatives must make clear that an alliance against Hillary is not a good deal for Trump. #1: Guarantee a Primary challenger come 2020. #2: Threaten impeachment if he violates the constitution. #3: Hold his feet to the fire through bolstering of the Freedom Caucus.


If we don’t do these things… We WILL Lose Everything.