How Marco Rubio Destroyed 2016 and the GOP

Ohhhhh Marco. I never liked the post 2010 you. From Amnesty to the endless drips of compromise you always seemed to go out for #1 (YOU). This isn’t a hate letter just a letter of record so that I won’t forget what a piece of work you really are. Your soaring speeches always gave me pause because I’ll be honest, they were eloquent. Although it pained me to notice the contradictions between your words and actions. You spoke of conservatism but only promoted it or acted on it when it was convenient. So when you began your presidential bid I was very skeptical of you and your ilk. I was battle weary and your olive branch seemed like a trick.

As I sit back and examine (What may be a failed year for conservatives). I wonder how you played a role, was it for the good or was it for your self-freakin-interest. Well I’ll skip forward to the good part, you’re a liar Marco and a backstabber at best. You were the person who started the “Lyin-Ted” BS when you falsely claimed Ted was lying about your record. You even kept up the attacks until you realized you couldn’t win by defaming Senator Cruz, but alas the damage was done. You even gave the orange faced blowhard a new tag line, “Lyin-Ted”. I’m not going to write anymore because its just not worth my time, because Little-Marco you’re not worth anymore of my time. Your character should forever be marked and your record should be sealed. Congratulations, you took down Cruz (5 Months Later)… Words do matter Marco and the lies you spread don’t always benefit you.