The Enemy From Within - We've Destroyed Ourselves

When I think about how wrong this election cycle has gone I just can’t help but think of an old saying. “When there are no enemies within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you”. How true is that statement in light of our current election cycle?  Well does Homer love beer?

The SAD fact is we’ve been sabotaged, marooned, and beaten to a pulp because of a satanic miracle for the Democrats. Our disunity (Born in part through the Tea Party,  but rightly so I might add) has prevented us from pulverizing the Democrats. Let me be clear here I’m not blaming the Tea Party, the GOP Elite needs to go and they’ve caused these problems. However back to my point… Lets make no mistake about this, we should have a nominee by now and our knives for Hillary should be sharp by now. Instead we’re here SLUGGING it out like idiots (Primarily because we have an idiot in our midst aka Trump).

No team can go on to the championship in this bad of shape. Without a miracle of a Democrat contested convention we will not see the sun come November. So let this be a lesson to us all, we’re not a team.. We the GOP are a mess and I for one (barring some miracle) am ready for a new team.