I've Got A Problem With Marco Rubio

So I’ve heard that people have a problem with Senator Cruz. Some even feel that Cruz is somehow responsible for Trump’s Rise. Well let me educate you. First if anyone feels that this year is not the “Year of the Outsider” let me say you’re just wrong. Many people who subscribe to the “Its Cruz’s Fault” theory don’t understand the dynamics of the electorate to begin with. No matter what anyone said or did to Trump it didn’t affect Trump’s numbers because it was never about Trump. Trump is a symbol and a giant middle finger to the politicians in DC. So enough about Trump and lets focus on why I’m writing about Marco Rubio and his detestable campaign.

Why do I think is campaign was detestable? Well first and foremost let me be clear this is NOT about Marco as a person. He is a good man and I think as a person he isn’t all that bad. However his campaign knew that they NEVER had a shot at this, according to every poll and every focus group there was no chance a politician tied to DC like Rubio could ever win the GOP primary. Instead of running on his actual record, of which was tied to the NSA, Gang of eight, and others. He chose to run a campaign of symbolism that was NEVER completely genuine. This is nothing new however and its part and parcel of our political quagmire. So for that alone I don’t even have a problem with Rubio’s campaign. The problems with his campaign began in Iowa, when his campaign began to recognize Ted Cruz as the alternative to Trump.

After the win in Iowa Marco’s team began to go into FULL spin mode and they were willing to say and do just about anything to save their skin. From 3-2-1 to 3-5-? they wouldn’t recognize that this just wasn’t their year. Instead of acknowledging the fact that they spread the same “false reports” about Carson they lumped into the “Cruz is a dirty trickster” bull. Why? Well we all know why, because Marco needed to discredit Cruz. This pattern went on long enough to pull Ted’s numbers down and down even further. So now after Marco’s team finally admitted complete and utter defeat in Florida and after Rubio has sufficiently destroyed Ted’s image we now are trying to unite. You see my biggest problem with Marco’s campaign is not that he ran, but that he never ran as himself. He ran as a person willing to call other people liars and so much so that the electorate doesn’t want to trust Cruz.

The bottom line here is that Rubio dragged Cruz through the mud and Trump followed his lead. Trump didn’t have the intellectual fire power to lie so effortlessly like Rubio did at those debates. So now we’re forced to try to re-convince everyone that no Ted is not “Lying Ted” and that he can be Trusted. I blame Marco and his campaign for so thoroughly soiling Ted Cruz’s name that it may cost US. The American people may not be able to beat back the cancer that is Trumpism because of the Rubio’s failed quest for power.

I know this isn’t personal and its just politics… But I thought Marco was better than that.


-The End