Burning The House... To The Convention Floor **Updated

black and white fire burn john carpenter the ward

I want everyone to remember the people who got us here. #1: Marco Rubio, #2: John Kasich, and #3: The Media… If Marco actually cared for this country he would have acted to support Cruz but alas (2 Months later) hes a no show. Is America done, nope… Is the party done, You’re flippin right it is.

**I want to preface this post with a back story. I wrote this angry little rant after reading several prominent Rubio supporters imply that they would like to go the route of #NEVERCRUZ . I also watched an establishment hack talk endlessly about the “Party” looking toward the convention. Well this just pissed me off… Thus we have this…..

So the bottom line here is that I’m tired of the Rubio, Kasich, and Establishment wing of the party. I’m tired of pretending we have shared values because in the end you (Rub-Sich-ers) care about elections and metrics. Nothing against you, you’re all nice people but you want the facade of a movement. You want the “winnable” candidate, instead of putting in the work and making a movement like Reagan did in 1976 and then again in 1980 you want to catch a wave and try to channel it. You’re like Trump but without the charisma… The issue is that your way sucks, its surely easier but it doesn’t work. Time and time again you lead us down the SAME D*** path for the “winnable route” and yet you NEVER win… You know why? Because you’re not leaders, you are persuasive people in positions of power with no inkling of what it means to be a leader. You’re political marketers but you’re not innovators. To use a tech industry example you’re just a Carly Fiorina you’re NO STEVE JOBS. You try to catch political momentum instead of cultivating it and you’re quite frankly ignorant. The Democrats have cultivated political momentum for decades in the schools, the workplace (unions), and even in the churches (Minority churches mostly).

I keep hearing from Rubio supporters who are willing to kill Cruz’s chances for no other reason than “I just don’t like him”. Well Boo-Flipping-hoo who cares I thought you said #NEVERTRUMP right? Well it turns out many of your words are as flimsy as a jello stand in an earthquake. Your take your toys and go home attitude is really pissing me off. Let me tell you something about leadership, because apparently you don’t understand or cannot recognize true leadership (vs the compromising deception your precious Rubio practiced on the Gang of eight bill). Leadership requires fights sometimes, not just endless compromise.  Steve Jobs pissed off a lot of people inside and outside of his industry and in his own company but you know what the American public LOVED what he brought to the table. Apple’s own board thrust him out of his own company because of how much tension he created, but you know what change creates tension. I’m so sick and tired of the Washington elites and the Rubios of the world playing footsie with them. If the Rubio camp plays this to the convention I will vote #NEVERGOP and I will vote for Trump and watch this whole party burn to the ground. I’m just sick of it.


End of rant….