The Tea... Party is over.

I’ve abstained from writing over the past few days because of the continuous drip of negative news on the conservative front. However after Sessions endorsed THE TRUMP today the final nail in the coffin has been made for me. I’m always an optimist by nature but I’m no fool either. Let me start my post with a brief look back in history. Starting in 2010 (and before that) our movement began with a small group of grass roots supporters. Every day Americans who proclaimed that the constitution and the rule of law mattered.

Our movement professed allegiance to those principles and we sought leaders who did so as well. We soon were met with opposition even within our own ranks from the likes of Boner, Mitch, and others. From reigning in government spending to stopping illegal immigration it seemed that the “Establishment” was 100% in opposition to us. Well I stand here today wondering what “Us” there is anymore. The liberal Robert Reich was 100% right when he said “The GOP Died in 2016”. Not only that but the Tea… Party is in fact over.

I won’t abdicate every principle I believe in to just “Win”. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin that said it best when he said ”Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.”. Well I’d add “Those who Sacrifice Principle and Honor for Victory deserve NEITHER.”. I’m declaring that I will fight even my own members in the so called “Tea Party” and “Conservative Movement”. If you wish to have a civil war of your own making because you wish to “win” with Trump then go ahead. I’m done with you sunshine patriots and your phony sayings,  you’re hypocrites and I will not stand with you.


All The Best,

A Once Proud “Tea-Partier”