Afghanistan: The Boy President's Expedient War

The War in Afghanistan was convenient during the Boy President’s campaign.  It allowed him to appear strong enough on National Defense to stand out from his surrender at any cost Democrat opponents and suck in more than a few independent voters who should have known better.  Once securely seated on his throne the Boy President began to backpedal on his “Good War”.

His troubles with Afghanistan began before he had even warmed the cushion on his new throne.  His far left base, Code Pink and the appeasement Democrats, were sorely disappointed that withdrawal from Iraq hadn’t begun on January 22nd.  By March 2009 Obama had completed a policy review and announced a “Comprehensive New Strategy” for Afghanistan and Pokeestan, where ever that is.  The implementation of this comprehensive new strategy alarmingly began at the same time as an increase in casualties.  But his base was mollified, the foolish independents could ignore their building buyers remorse and the Boy President could once again focus on advancing his socialist/Democrat agenda.

Yet by the end of August the convenient war was fast becoming inconvenient. Obama’s hand-picked General decided the only way he could get the ear of his Commander in Chief was to use the media.  General McChrystal released his Initial Assessment to the sycophantic media and began another round of strategy reviews.  In what has become a familiar pattern Obama called in his experts and began holding meetings.  In a continuation of that pattern, nothing was done and Americans suffered for months while a path forward was devised.  Not a path forward toward military victory but a path forward whose sole purpose was to once again, satisfy his far left base and the surrender monkeys of Code Pink and other leftist organizations while simultaneously making it appear to an uninformed American public (h/t to the sycophantic media) that the Boy President was still fighting his “Good War”.  That plan was announced in December to a captive audience at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  “Enemy Territory” according to some tingly, left-wing pundits but it allowed the Boy President to look good for those uncomfortable independents.  This politically devised plan threw an additional 30,000 troops at those uncomfortable independents and gave a reach around to Cindy Sheehan and the shrieking harridans in Code Pink and the Democrat Party by announcing a withdrawal date.

Now, six months later Obama’s hand picked General once again uses the sycophantic media to send a message to his Commander in Training Pants.  After making his statement General McChrystal became the second commander in Afghanistan to be sacked by his CinC since Obama’s ascension.  Obama promptly threw General Petraeus at the problem.  After all, he rescued the Iraq war after such military genius’ as Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and even Barrack Hussein Obama himself proclaimed the war lost.  General Petraeus has already announced his intent to change the restrictive Rules of Engagement and in his appointment hearings today, voiced his opinion that victory is achievable.

The question that remains is whether his Commander in Chief will pursue that victory or if he will continue his path of the politically expedient.

Doing the right thing is possible, merely because the Boy President chooses to push for green energy and an economy killing Cap and Tax scheme while allowing oil to spread across America’s gulf beaches when existing options remain untried doesn’t mean he is incapable of doing the right thing.

Merely because the Boy President’s vaunted Stimulus has failed utterly to create or save jobs outside of his own bloated government and unemployment remains at “unexpected” levels doesn’t mean that Obama doesn’t care about doing right by the American people.

Just because Obamacare is turning out to be even worse than Republicans predicted doesn’t mean that the administration didn’t have all our best interests at heart when they crafted it behind closed doors.

Just because Obama’s Federal Government would rather take Arizona to court rather than enforce their own immigration laws doesn’t mean the Dictator in Training Pants is more interested in buying votes from illegal aliens than in the safety and security of American citizens.

Just because obesity seems to be a more pressing National Security Issue than Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons doesn’t mean that…

Oh the hell with it, who am I kidding.  Yes it does.  Ask not for whom the bus comes America, it comes for you.

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