Do You Measure Trash by the Barrel? or by the Gallon?

Breathless Democrats are keeping their Lame Stream Media supporters and co-conspirators busy these days. Just as their faithful lap dog cable news host finishes reporting on the latest of the ever increasing estimates of the quantity of oil leaking into the gulf, another Congressman, City Councilmember or foreign President has to be quoted flapping their gums about the Arizona Immigration Law.

The lapdog media has failed to notice that the two issues overlap. If the creek bed Illegal Immigrant Super Highway pictured below flowed into the Gulf of Mexico would we be treated to a 24/7 live feed of trash floating into the Gulf?

Would we be treated to pictures of discarded backpacks filled with dying sea turtles?

Or pelicans tangled in the refuse of 12 million illegal immigrants?

Reporters picking floating baby diapers off of Florida’s Beaches?

Of course not. These images of the truth do not further the Democrats liberal agenda like their exaggerated stories about immigration or the oil spill. Nothing, especially truth, can be allowed to interfere or impede the execution of the Democrat’s agenda.

h/t mbecker