“The Old Issue” Rears Its Ugly Head

“HERE is nothing new nor aught unproven,” say the Trumpets,
“Many feet have worn it and the road is old indeed.
“It is the King—the King we schooled aforetime!”
(Trumpets in the marshes—in the eyot at Runnymede!)

“Here is neither haste, nor hate, nor anger,” peal the Trumpets,
“Pardon for his penitence or pity for his fall.
“It is the King!”—inexorable Trumpets—
(Trumpets round the scaffold at the dawning by Whitehall!)

“He hath veiled the Crown and hid the Sceptre,” warn the Trumpets,
“He hath changed the fashion of the lies that cloak his will.
“Hard die the Kings—ah hard—dooms hard!” declare the Trumpets,
Trumpets at the gang-plank where the brawling troop-decks fill!

Ancient and Unteachable, abide—abide the Trumpets!
Once again the Trumpets, for the shuddering ground-swell brings
Clamour over ocean of the harsh, pursuing Trumpets—
Trumpets of the Vanguard that have sworn no truce with Kings!

For now I’ll leave others, better equipped, to present you with the facts of life under our new aristocracy. They’re doing a great job of revealing the tyranny hidden in Obamacare. They’re doing it here, here, here, here, and more.

I want to be less specific, or maybe it’s more specific. You will have to decide. My friends I mention above write to inform your mind, today I want Kipling to ignite your soul!

The beast we are fighting isn’t Obamacare. Obamacare is only a weapon in that fight, albeit a weapon of unequaled strength. Revealing the facts about Obamacare is one of our weapons, it’s also our duty. Something those of us on the right know, understand and do our best to fulfill. The statists have a repertoire of weapons they are using, lies are one of their favorites but they have hate speech, political correctness, global warming, the EPA, the FCC, the entire strength of our bloated government and their lies, did I mention the lies?

All the weapons of the statists are trained on one target now. Our Liberty. Whether it is Obamacare destroying our choices and taking yet more of our property as taxes, fees and fines or the EPA declaring our very breath to be dangerous to the environment and through that confiscating yet more of our property to fill their coffers, their goal is the destruction of our Liberty.

Liberty, whenever found, is never long at peace. Since mankind invented Kings, Kings formed governments to serve them in the fight against liberty.

All we have of freedom, all we use or know—
This our fathers bought for us long and long ago.

Ancient Right unnoticed as the breath we draw—
Leave to live by no man’s leave, underneath the Law.

Lance and torch and tumult, steel and grey-goose wing
Wrenched it, inch and ell and all, slowly from the King.

Till our fathers ’stablished, after bloody years,
How our King is one with us, first among his peers.

So they bought us freedom—not at little cost
Wherefore must we watch the King, lest our gain be lost,

Over all things certain, this is sure indeed,
Suffer not the old King: for we know the breed.

Liberty warred with despots from the beginning, most often beaten, though never dead. Occasionally victorious, but seldom for long. Hammurabi’s Code, written in 1790 BC, was one such victory. The lives it improved were lived in a hell of barbarism. Once again Liberty’s victory was short lived and the “Old Kings” reasserted their power.

Give no ear to bondsmen bidding us endure.
Whining “He is weak and far”; crying “Time shall cure.”,

(Time himself is witness, till the battle joins,
Deeper strikes the rottenness in the people’s loins.)

Give no heed to bondsmen masking war with peace.
Suffer not the old King here or overseas.

They that beg us barter—wait his yielding mood—
Pledge the years we hold in trust—pawn our brother’s blood—

Howso’ great their clamour, whatsoe’er their claim,
Suffer not the old King under any name!

Here is naught unproven—here is naught to learn.
It is written what shall fall if the King return.

He shall mark our goings, question whence we came,
Set his guards about us, as in Freedom’s name.

He shall take a tribute, toll of all our ware;
He shall change our gold for arms—arms we may not bear.

He shall break his judges if they cross his word;
He shall rule above the Law calling on the Lord.

He shall peep and mutter; and the night shall bring
Watchers ’neath our window, lest we mock the King—

Hate and all division; hosts of hurrying spies;
Money poured in secret, carrion breeding flies.

Strangers of his counsel, hirelings of his pay,
These shall deal our Justice: sell—deny—delay.

Liberty waxes and wanes like a moon with no set pattern. The first lines of this poem mentions “Runnymede”, where she waxed again. The Magna Carta written in 1215, granted the British subjects rights but rights bestowed by a king can be taken by a king. The “scaffold at the dawning by Whitehall” is where Charles the First was executed, declaring right up until the noose tightened about his despotic neck that the people should have no voice in government, saying, “A sovereign and a subject are clean different things.“

We shall drink dishonour, we shall eat abuse
For the Land we look to—for the Tongue we use.

We shall take our station, dirt beneath his feet,
While his hired captains jeer us in the street.

Cruel in the shadow, crafty in the sun,
Far beyond his borders shall his teachings run.

Sloven, sullen, savage, secret, uncontrolled,
Laying on a new land evil of the old—

Long-forgotten bondage, dwarfing heart and brain—
All our fathers died to loose he shall bind again.

Liberty’s greatest victory, her 6000 year leap, came here in America. The old kings had reasserted themselves till our Founding Fathers and the Continental Army threw off the yoke. Kipling wrote this poem and dated it October 9, 1899, the day on which Britain received the ultimatum from President Kruger of the Transvaal at the start of the Boer War. The Kipling Society describes the authors motivations, and points out that a nerve had been touched.

Here is naught at venture, random nor untrue—
Swings the wheel full-circle, brims the cup anew.

Here is naught unproven, here is nothing hid:
Step for step and word for word—so the old Kings did!

Step by step, and word by word: who is ruled may read.
Suffer not the old Kings: for we know the breed—

All the right they promise—all the wrong they bring.
Stewards of the Judgment, suffer not this King!

Liberty in America is waning again, assaulted from all sides. Unalienable rights once recognized and revered are twisted and shackled with chains forged of the lies of the statist. Kipling lists the remembered transgressions of history’s kings. He remembered them from hundreds of years before he wrote “The Old Issue”. Read it again, and ignore my interruptions, we pawn our children’s blood to repay our debt. Our congress feels itself above our laws, when our President’s policies fail in congress he rules by executive decree, his minions in the EPA accomplishing what his minions in congress cannot. Our tribute is raised at every turn, falling most heavily upon the evil “rich” but the price is exacted from us all. What despotic transgression did Kipling describe over a hundred years ago that we have not seen in the last few weeks? Even the carrion flies he mentions are now known as Landrieu, Nelson, Stupak.

We are the Stewards of the Judgment; once again a nerve has been touched. Once again The Old Issue rears it’s ugly head, it should have learned its lesson the first time. America will NOT suffer a king!

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