The Republican Civil War, Are You Sure you Want To Go There?

Conservatives in America have been thrust into a Civil War.  We didn’t ask for a Civil War, we have made a big deal out of our dissatisfaction with the GOP “Establishment”, a euphemism for the RINO’s and “squishes” that currently hold the reins of power in our party, but we didn’t secede from the party.  We may have rebelled, we may be “traitors” but the definition of rebel and traitor rests with the group currently in power.  Or, more correctly, with the group that is victorious and in power after the civil war.  Our Founding Fathers recognized that when Benjamin Franklin pointed out that they ”must hang together, or assuredly we will hang separately.”

We didn’t ask for this Civil War, all we asked for was to be recognized as the base of the party, to be recognized as the force that we are, for the power that we each bring to the polls.  We have been belittled and repulsed at each offer and request.  We ask for conservative candidates who will work against the progressive statist agenda being thrust upon us.  Instead we get nominal Republicans who vote for the Porkulus, we get nominal Republicans who vote for Crap and Tax; we get “brilliant tacticians” who help to advance Healthcare through the Senate.  So we will fight.

There is something the Republican establishment has failed to take into account before declaring their Civil War.  In addition to being the true base of the Party, we are the ones who fight.  We don’t scuffle like a couple of angry schoolchildren, we fight.  We begged the Republican establishment to fight the Porkulus, and they betrayed us.  We cried out for the Republican establishment to fight Crap and Tax, and they turned on us.  We gathered across the country and pleaded with the Republican establishment to fight the rise of tyranny, we marched on Washington to show the Republican establishment that we were there with them to fight the loss of liberty in America, and they voted to bring the Healthcare bill to the floor of the senate and debate it.  We flooded town halls across the country in August and tried to show the establishment how to fight tyranny but they rolled over.

We don’t fight like the Republican establishment; calling us names won’t stop us.  Wounding us in the pages of the NYT won’t stop us.  The first casualty in this Civil War will be comity, there will be hard feelings, you don’t have to like us but you will fear us.  The only way the conservative base of the Party knows how to fight is Total War.  No brilliant tactical skirmishes, no half hearted attempts to win without hurting someone’s feelings.  Total War.

Total war is a conflict of unlimited scope in which a belligerent engages in a mobilization of all available resources at their disposal, whether human, industrial, agricultural, military, natural, technological, or otherwise, in order to entirely destroy or render beyond use their rival’s capacity to continue resistance.

When we ask the Republican Establishment to fight for us they think of two children on the playground, calling each other names, circling and threatening till someone’s lip is bloodied and the fight is over.  When we are forced to fight we think Sherman’s March to the Sea, we think The Battle of the Marne, we think Patton’s race across France.

We will drive a stake through the heart of the statist agenda, we will destroy socialism in America, and we will once again bind our bloated, greedy government with the chains of the Constitution.  Step in front of the statist agenda if you want to, shield the bloated government and your undeserved career with your bodies if you feel you must, just realize that you are not on the playground, and we’re not playing.  You’re stepping onto a battlefield…  and it’s not going to be pretty.

Originally Posted on The Minority Report