NC 8: A “Conservative Running as a Republican” Challenges Larry Kissell

I am pleased to announce North Carolina’s 8th district entry in the David Hinz Memorial Butt Kicking of 2010. Tim D’Annunzio has just announced his candidacy for the NC 8th Congressional Seat.

Tim is a Veteran, a Non Commissioned Officer who served as a Parachute Rigger and eventually a member of the Golden Knights, the Army Parachute Team. Since leaving the service in 1985 he has been in business, building his own from the living room of his house and growing it into Paraclete Armor and Equipment Inc. He sold Paraclete and currently operates the Paraclete XP SkyVenture, the world’s largest freefall simulator wind tunnel (indoor skydiving).

As if discovering that a former NCO, Paratrooper and businessman was running against my nemesis, Larry Kissell, wasn’t enough; here are some snippets from his website: (emphasis mine)

I consider myself a conservative running as a Republican. I know that smaller government, lower taxes, and a strong military are the most important tenets that prove to strengthen and contribute to the success of our great nation. Like many of you, I am gravely concerned with the direction our government has taken and I have decided to do something about it and I am fired up. I ask you to join me and together we can save this great state and our country from the tax and spend policies of our current politicians, I’m not giving up.”

“As a business owner, I provide health insurance to my employees and have seen first-hand how costs have escalated in recent years. Reforming our health care system must be undertaken responsibly and without government intervention. Above all, there is no authority in the Constitution for a nationalized health care system. Forming another unfunded entitlement program, similar to Medicare or Social Security, is not only unconstitutional, but it is irresponsible and will only lead our country deeper into debt.”

“I think we have lost the language battle if we allow the MURDER of children to be defined as “abortion.” … …These same people once argued that life began at birth, next it was only once totally birthed, then only after birthed if there was no intention to murder the child before birth. Now in the current administration we have those arguing, and who have argued for some time, that a human isn’t a human until long after birth and an identity and personality is developed.”

“As a Lifetime Member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) , I fully support the right of law-abiding Americans to purchase, use, and possess firearms. It seems that whenever the government passes another law regarding this issue, the rights of honest Americans are diminished. Additional regulation will not solve gun violence.”

“The United States is a nation of immigrants who came to this country seeking a better life for their families, but we are a nation of laws. There are an estimated 13 million illegal immigrants in the United States coming from countries all over the globe. This includes an estimated 385,000 living in North Carolina, costing the taxpayers of this great state of $1.3 billion a year. Additionally, gaps in our border have become virtual “WELCOME MATS” for would-be terrorists who hope to do us harm. This is unacceptable.
Those here illegally broke the law; it’s that simple. I am against any form of amnesty for those here illegally.”

Here in his own words (and some very good borrowed ones):

See for yourself.


Tim’s is having a Town Hall Meeting in Fayetteville on December 3rd, anyone else in the area?

Contributor to The Minority Report