Remember New York 23!

Dede is gone, throwing her support behind the Democrat in the final proof of her worth as a Republican.  This race was advertised as our “Hill To Die On”, it is only fitting to continue in a military venue.   On the eve of the election in NY 23 Doug Hoffman finds himself as our modern day William Travis, standing on the walls of the Alamo.  Newt Gingrich showed just enough disdain for American Conservatives for me to cast him as Santa Anna, the NRC, and NRCC as the Mexican Army.  (It makes the video above even better doesn’t it?)

If NY 23 is our 21st Century Alamo, the 2010 election is our Battle of San Jacinto.  As the early morning silence of April 21st, 1836 was shattered by cries of “Remember the Alamo!” the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution was begun.  18 minutes later it was over, Texas was its own Nation.

Hoffman’s chances are much better than those faced by Travis and should he win it is a win for every American who agrees it is time to reassert the “consent of the governed” over our beltway aristocracy.  The momentum of this and other promising early elections will provide the momentum to take us forward to 2010.

If Hoffman loses, the blame lies squarely on the doorstep of the NRC, NRCC, the DC GOP establishment and the $900,000 they gave to Bill Owens (D), via Dede Scozzafava.   And it is still a victory for conservative Americans as our cry of “Remember New York 23!” carries us to San Jacinto.

For anyone about to accuse me of forgetting the real enemy, the Rinos in the GOP have long been a fifth column for the progressive agenda, their current support of global warming legislation, their long record of growing government, and if nothing else, the evidence of last year’s pitiful abortive attempt at a Presidential campaign should prove my point.  Antigonus Monophthalmus, caught up in the Wars of the Diadochi (successors) after Alexander’s death, once called for a sacrifice beseeching the Gods to protect him from his friends explaining, “From my enemies I can protect myself, but not from my friends.”

Now our “friends” have been warned, each cry of “Remember NY 23!” will remind them which side we are on, they can make their choices accordingly.

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