US District Court Dancing Around the Constitution (again…)


It’s nothing new but I’m certain we’ll be seeing more as the One begins loading the Supreme Court with his peeps…


Rep. Bob Bishop (R) Utah, writes on Human Events


“In January, I praised changes to the National Park Service regulations that allowed law-abiding Americans the same right to carry concealed weapons inside our national parks as they have outside of the national parks. Reversing a clear violation of the Second Amendment, the Department of the Interior changed their regulations whereby National Park Service (NPS) lands would be governed by state concealed firearms laws.”


Score one for the Second Amendment!  Not quite, it seems the act of carrying a concealed weapon into our National Parks would have dreadful effects on the…


Wait for it…




U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, for the District of Columbia


“…found the Department of the Interior had used an “astoundingly flawed process” in creating the Final Rule on the NPS gun regulations because it did not do full blown environmental analysis on allowing concealed weapons in national parks. The process Kollar-Kotelly is demanding before allowing concealed weapons in national parks is called NEPA review (NEPA stands for National Environmental Policy Act) and was originally intended to have federal review of large scale projects, such as bridges, timber sales and dams.”  (emphasis added)


I can only speculate on the staggering amount of carbon resulting from a single gunshot.  I googled for several minutes but couldn’t find any details, it’s hard to believe the combination of enviro-wacko/gun control freak isn’t more common among the left.  We can do our own analysis.  My .58 caliber Pennsylvania Rifle, for example, has been known to shut down the range for a few minutes while the carbon laden smoke screen drifts away.  It’s probably safe to say it would take a fair sized herd of Elk on a diet of beer and burritos to equal a single shot.  Of course the Flintlock isn’t a particularly popular weapon for concealed carry or personal defense.  The 9mm pistol, a very popular personal defense weapon would be considerably less.  It also uses smokeless powder.  Google didn’t provide any studies on the environmental advantages of smokeless powder, we’re out there flapping on this one as well.  Let’s equate the 9mm’s carbon footprint with a family of squirrels on a high fiber diet.  Now multiply those three flatulent squirrels by the number of right-wing extremists who utilize the National Park System annually.   DHS hasn’t completed its calculations on how many of the 270 million visitors annually to the National Park System are right-wing extremists but I’m sure it’s the majority.  I can’t imagine that many libs willing to see the business end of an outhouse.


Obviously we’re staring down the barrel of a tragedy here!  The amount of carbon from all the bible clinging, gun toting extremists would undoubtedly tip the scales beyond even algore’s ability to repair, although I’m sure he would still be able to profit from it.  Henry Waxman’s “cap and tax” addition to the National Park Entrance Fee would undoubtedly be interesting. 


There is one other minor point made by Rep. Bishop…


“…in Kollar-Kotelly’s 44-page opinion, there is not a single mention of the Second Amendment. Not one. Not a single mention of whether or not the Heller decision is relevant.  In a case involving the federal government essentially banning the right to bear arms, this wasn’t even an issue.  Even though Kollar-Kotelly notes one of the main reasons why NPS gun regulations were changed concerns “self-defense,” she never addressed whether Second Amendment rights might be violated.”  (emphasis added)  


And that surprises who?  All in all this was just a nifty little delaying tactic, once you factor in the speed and accuracy of the EPA there is ample time for Obama to stack the deck on the Supreme Court, declare the Constitution a Living Document and we’ll never have to worry about pesky little things like “rights” again.