Goodbye Ford, Thanks for the Memories

You’ve given me a lot of pleasure over the years of our faithful relationship.  The thrill of sitting in “Million Dollar” Bill’s Thunderbird, after I’d watched him set the record that still stands at Talladega.  Putting the top of my Mustang GT down and enjoying a trip along the coast with my wife.  Thanks for being there for me when I had my “can’t live without” worldly possessions in the back of the F150 as the Army moved me to yet another duty station.  The movers didn’t lose everything else that time but better safe than sorry.  I will never forget the Firestone Tire rebate check, I had run those tires down to the steel belts the same day you recalled them, times were tough right then and I couldn’t have gotten a new set without your help. 


It was a proud moment when you finally got fed up with the abuse from the Obama administration!  “That’s my brand that just stood up to the Socialists!”  A spark of hope flared in my breast, the American Spirit just might demonstrate itself again in these dark days.  But it wasn’t to be. 


I’ve read and listened to the strange goings on at Chrysler for a few days now and I see the sun setting.  Fiat was selected by the Anointed One because Chrysler was “less fuel-efficient than foreign competitors.”  A “two-fer” paying off his UAW campaign contribution bill while he can also send leg thrills to his enviro-nazi and climate change supporters.   Chrysler will now be making mega-fuel efficient cars in spite of the American consumer’s preference or desire.  The top three sellers for 2008 were the Ford F150 (Way to Go!), the Chevrolet Silverado and the Dodge Ram.  You have to go all the way to eighth place to find the Ford Focus, which is still spacious compared to the designs Fiat urges you to “Drive Green” in, here.  Wow, that Panda would make a nice replacement for the 5.0 Mustang.  No pickup trucks but the 600 looks roomy!  So long F150.  


Here’s where the orange fades out of the sunset, leaving a drab, lifeless, choiceless, socialist, vista.  Gone is the “purple mountains majesty and amber waves of grain.”  Americans, with the exception of the previously mentioned enviro-nazis, will not buy them.  Unless we are forced, and we’ve already been told the American Automobile Manufacturers are too big to fail.  The taxpayers are off the hook, it won’t require another bailout, all it will require is a little manipulation of the price of gasoline.  A gasoline tax, or surcharge or carbon penalty will be implemented to drive the price of gas back to four dollars or more.  We’ll watch helplessly as Ford’s sales tank, point by point as BHO’s Government Motors sales picks up.  By this time Government motors will be comprised of both Chrysler/Fiat and General Motors/(insert European auto manufacturer name, Yugo?) leaving Ford out in the cold.  They won’t have much fight left in them by then, their own UAW members yearning for access to the vast sums of illicit, un-traceable cash flowing through their peers hands across the street.  Loans and subsidies to keep everything at Government Motors afloat, only a portion of which has to flow back to the Campaign Funds of the donors.  If Ford tries to hold on watch for environmental outrage reminiscent of the AIG bonuses directed by the Alinsky-an politicians against the only remaining American Automobile Manufacturer.  A hue and cry from the socialists to “force” Ford to stop “pumping carbon into the atmosphere.”  Demands from Olbermann (and tonight’s Worst Person in the World: the F150!, the Cobra-jet, the consumer who bought a Ford) and slanted lies from the media will all conspire until Ford is broken and needs rescuing like the other two.


There goes another slice of my liberty…