What happened to my country?

This country was founded by those who worked their butts off to survive and then succeed. From the aboriginals to the European settlers and beyond. At first, you worked hard or you died. Do we really believe that the aboriginals would have given the “Pilgrims” any help had they viewed them as lazy and seeking only a handout? Achievement has been the fuel and fire that made this country great. Let us elect our own representation and then have a limited governmental role in what came next. Creativity and freedom to build a great nation of a type this world has not witnessed before. Baby boomers and their spawn have ruined this country. Seem harsh? What have these folks given us? A group of Americans that spent beyond their means and then want my money to bail them out! Obamapromises to the rescue. Have no personal responsibility for their behavior or that of their children, hello public school. Obamapromises to the rescue. Free breakfast, free lunch, teach the kids civil behavior as well as the RRRs and also English as a second language? Obamapromises to the rescue. Provide the genetic material for 4 kids by 3 or 4 women? Obamapromises to get those men to care. Sure, that will work. When we truly reform Social Security it might, in a land they call Oz. Would this group of Americans ever think we should truly reform this killer of the African American nuclear family? The baby boomers and their spawn also gave us the Nanny State to try to control more and more personal choices daily.
Baby Boomers and your spawn: You and your parents failed en mass to do one thing. To parent, the verb. To raise children that had some sort of moral base that respects all peoples and also values the thing that made this county great. Achievement on a grand scale, and freedom. To also value the flag of this country as a symbol of those how spilled their blood to protect our freedom to live in such a great country. Treat others with dignity and respect and expect the same. Then go out and work your tail off to make a better way for you and yours. Give to those who truly need help and always teach someone to fish before just giving a fish. There used to be a time when church communities and NGOs took care of the poor Jesus told us would always be with us. Funded by charitable contributions.Soon you will all want me to pay more taxes to bail you out, pay for your welfare and Medicare as well as fund your retirement years. You will make me look for more loopholes in the tax code and maybe move to Texas or Florida. Good luck Detriot: Symbol of Liberal Boomer policies.