Give a fish or teach to fish

Our country has just taken such a hard left turn it makes me physically sick. The core beliefs this country was founded on of hard work, honest effort and trying to make a better place for your family and country have been trampled. We just elected a man who ascribes to the feed a man a fish to feed him for the day so he is dependent on the state. The junior Senator from Illinois does not believe in teaching a man to fish so he can feed himself. Give the kids free breakfast at public school. Give the kids free lunch at school and by the time they get through the indoctrination of public school, they will be good little democrats. They will have a core belief that government should take care of them. That is not what our country was made to be. Government was supposed to protect us from other nations and criminals. The government was to build infrastructure to promote business and civic purposes. The government was also to stay out of the way of business people who create wealth for all Americans. Americans with a hand out for help on the home or car or vacation or water craft they bought but cannot afford makes me sick. The first people who came to this land be it aboriginals or Europeans understood one thing. Hard work and achievement keep you and your family alive. There were no hand outs for the aboriginals or colonists. Do your part or dies is what this country was like thousands and hundreds of years ago.

I can only hope and pray that libertarians and conservatives take back the Republican party.