Vote or get off the web

I vote for one reason only. I vote because American blood has been spilled in the past and is being lost today so I may have the privlidge to vote. I challenge everyone who posts here to vote. I can’t wrap my mind around any good reason a thinking American adult would vote for the Junior Senator from Illinois. That being covered, if a voter who is properly registered to vote does so for the Junior Senator, so be it. I just suggest they make an informed decision, research some of the mud slung his way. If they vote outside the haze of Obamedia, so be it. If they vote on emotion only and buy into the bildge Obamedia spews, I think that dishonors fallen soldiers.

Any of you who post and are able to legally vote, but do not vote, should quit posting. Use your computer time to check up on the latest Obamedia mess spewed forth daily and think about how you did not do your part. We all know the democrats will be submitting fradulent votes. Lake County Indiana in ’04. When most all vote totals for the Midwest had been reported. “We are waiting to find out how many votes we need.” This was the quote from the election official. Freudian slip? If you do not know much about Lake County; Gary, IN is in lake county. Murder Capital of the US as related to population in many years. Not a hotbed of Republican voters in Lake County.