Programs are what the Junior Senator promises

Programs. That is what the Junior Senator from Illinois promises as a solution for all of American’s ills. Program is a code word for socialism. President Johnson and other democrats helped institutionalize social engineering programs that have thrown unfathomable amounts of money down a rat hole and what have they produced? Welfare to pick on one, has torn the black family in America apart. It is a sad state of affairs when Americans glibly discuss the parental claim for black children on such appalling TV shows as Jerry Springer. How many children affected by welfare know who their father is by age 2? By age 15? Is he around helping raise the children? Is he dead? In Jail? Many of the ills the Junior Senator from Illinois and his fellow democrats rail against related to poverty, crime and who is in prison blame other Americas who do not care enough to help these poor souls. The Junior Senator and his fellow democrats should look and the mirror and say, “It is me.” The truth will set them free.
You want change? How about changing welfare so that there is incentive for making a father present in the home of HIS family. His wife, his children. Welfare has created a situation where a man having 6 children by 5 or 6 different women is not a shock. When was the last time you head the cruel word, bastard? Welfare has created a bizarre cultural phenomenon. A young black man will worship the ground his mother walks on and discuss how she was his strength and do what he can to make her life better if he can. He will talk about how she and Grandma had to raise him without the help of a father. He will then grow up and help produce 4 or 6 children by 3 or 6 women and cannot possibly be there for all of these children to help as a father needs to help raise a child he helped bring onto this earth. Men of all races and ethnic backgrounds do this indeed. But it is nowhere as apparent than in black American families. Or what is left of them due to social engineering programs thrust upon them by the government. We are 4 or so generations into the welfare experiment. How many black children related to welfare still live in poverty? Still do poorly in school? Still die at early ages due to drugs and guns? Are in the prison system for juveniles? Will be in prison when they get older due to the path they are on now? It is a sad commentary on politicians who think that they know better than a family on how to raise children.Enough with the rant. How is it fixed? Radical change is needed. In most all cases, welfare needs to be cut off from initial filing after 6 years. That is enough time to get the child in school and the mom to find a job if needed. The dad would have to help of course if he were around. Mom would have to make sure he took responsibility or not let him give her the genetic material needed to produce that child. It is her choice in most all cases. Continue to pursue rigorous legal enforcement of child care responsibility for dead beat dads. Offer free sterilization for adults of families enrolled in the welfare program. Radical yes, but not as cruel as to condemn children to poverty, prison and early death. Tough love is needed to break the cycle of poverty , early death, aids and prison. Why do we keep spending money on new prisons? Cut off the reason for fatherless homes and then let the focus be on families and local school and church organizations to help these families build strong foundations for success. Why are black church services populated with many more women than men? That is their responsibility to fix. Government social engineering is not the answer as we all too painfully see in the news stories daily.

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