Obamedia will try to call the election early

Obamedia will try to convince us that it is a waste of time to vote for McCain as the election for President is already over. Obamedia will try to disenfranchise Republicans out West by calling the election a Democrate win before the Western US has finished voting. Alaska will go for McCain but will be told it is over before Alaskan polls have closed.

Do as I have and have informed, passionate, but not crazy, discussions with family members you think will vote for the Junior Senator from Illinois. Get them to vote for McCain/Palin. Where I live in Durham, NC, you must sadly be careful where and when you honestly do this with friends or neighbors lest your car or person be threatened with harm. I can handle it, but also have a duty to protect my wife, children and property from the mess it can produce. I chose my spots and have only one of two McCain bumper stickers I have seen for McCain in the area. We will not put one on my wife’s car who is a public school teacher for the distinct possibility it will be vandalized. Not fear, just the facts.

It is a sad mob rule mess we are headed for if we do not do our duty and elect McCain and Palin! Do your duty and convince others to do so!