Ayers, Carville and Salt Lake City is burning

Bill Ayers made a calculated desision when he realized that blowing up buildings was not going to change America into the socalist state he dreamed of. He decided to do it from inside the system. What “grown up” would let an admitted domestic terrorist who hates what our American flag stands for be in charge of anything related to educating America’s youth. I guess the bankrupt morals of his father indeed seeped into Mayor Daly’s core beliefs. Obama is tied to Ayers hip or his supporters claims of his superior intelect are very wrong. The Obamedia is doing its best to cover this up or dismiss that there is any real concern with Obama’s association with Ayers.

Obamedia: New York Times, AP, CNN, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS etc… keep the Obama message pulsing 24 / 7. Still Obama is not so clearly ahead that their calls that the race is over are hard for even them to speak / lie through there teeth. Not too long ago, Obamedia wondered aloud why Obama’s lead was not more than 8 or 10 points. Obamedia communicated to us that we are a racists nation and that is the reason why, white Democrats most pointedly addressed.

James Carville recently said there would be riots if Obama were not elected hinting that Obama could only loose of the election were stolen from him. Who out there thinks Salt Lake City will burn if Obama were, please Lord do not let it be, elected? A grossly blatant example of a “white folks” town I know. But, who thinks that would happen? Carville suggests riots if Obama were not elected. I guess in relation to my example, Detroit would be a smoldering mess a few days after a McCain, Palin VICTORY! Oh, my mistake, it would still be smoldering from the annual Halloween burning. Low blow, but am I wrong?