Activist Judges anyone?

Obama appointing Federal and or Supreem Court Judges is about the most scary thing I can think of this Halloween season. We could be in for an endless, disgusting display from the bench as is produced by the 9th “CIRCUS” out West. Like the one with the porn posting Judge presiding over the disgusting porn rights case we witnessed recently. If a crazy liberal socalist were able to nominate someone he found to be acceptable to the crazy liberal socalists in the congress, what would we get? A very scary thought indeed. I will not pledge to move to Canada if Obam is elected, but somewhere with a more warm climate would be enticing. I still have hope and will not lose conficence that McCain will be elected. That is why I post this. To help wake America up from the haze of the Obamazination of all media Americans encounter. I can hardly stand to watch TV or listen to the radio with so much of the media cheering for an Obama victory. It makes me ashamed that they call themselves “journalists” and Americans. Let’s hope McCain and Palin will bring up the words: Liberal, Activists, Judges and Appointments in a campaign add, speech and please, in the last debate.