Affimitive Action on steriods

The constant drum beat of background Obama noise is everywhere. You cannot turn on a radio, TV, computer or drive your car without hearing or seeing an Obama yard sign, bumper sticker, magazine cover, puff piece on TV, entertainers, sports figures, Oprah, tingle leg types who masquerade as “journalists” lulling you into Obam all the time. The BIG LIE as practiced did in Nazi Germany. In this case, it is the most colossal type of Affirmative Action ever conceived. No matter that Obama does not have the experience. No matter that he has very questionable personal associations. No matter that he is part of the most liberal ticket to ever be presented to America. No matter that he does not like being called a liberal. No matter that the new Ernie Davis movie is going to come out soon. Why? To convince us that it is TIME to put race issues behind us and vote in Obam. It took COURAGE to vote Ernie Davis into the Heisman Trophy history lore. That is why this movie is being released at this time; to get those sports fans who care not too much for politics on board. Ernie Davis proved he was an exceptional athlete of character and deserved the Heisman honor. He EARNED it. Obama’s affirmative action plea is just that, a plea. Not an honor bestowed for accomplishment, but a hand out because people of color he has no real association with except the color of his skin were wronged in the past. Long before his father came from Africa to the United States.