Palin did fine, let's move on

We have heard and read too many conservative or claimed conservatives bash Gov Palin lately. Even calling for her to leave the ticket. She is the reason John McCain will be elected our next President if we do not lose hope. We cannot listen to the constant drum beat of the media that wants this nation to be a socalists state. How many news papers and radio news reports are nothing more than an AP portal. Look at who wrote the atricles in local papers across our nation. AP or New York Times articles are what we get for national stories. And who does the vast majority of AP and New York Times employees want to be our next president? Obama of course. Fox News is the only national media outlet that will not openly promote Obama. We cannot lose focus and think the constant drum beat of socalistic views will bring us defeat in November.

If we want to hold back the huge tide of socalism washing over our counry, we need to elect McCain / Palin. How else are we going to get Palin in the White house to bring back some Reagan thinking to this country?