I have updated my user profile. It needed some small changes.

I used to think it was perfect but recent events warranted some small changes to reflect my evolving opinions.
See if you can spot the changes.


The word “Maverick” “inevitable” makes me want to puke.The only word that makes me even more upset is “bi-partisan”moderate“.Whenever I hear that word I know I’m about to get bum blasted lose an election.
I like the word courage.I wish I had opportunities to use it more.

I don’t believe in evolution.
I don’t believe in global warming .
I don’t believe in Barack Obama.I think all three are the biggest scams going.

I wish I could believe in my own party but they keep on selling me down the road as they secretly yearn to be Democrats.. I don’t believe in them either because I truly feel they will do irreparable damage to this country in their quest to save the world.They don’t seem to want the job of super power anymore and seem content to let China or India have it.

Why are Republicans such pussies now…?

I’m an American dammit!
I don’t want to be a European.
I don’t want to be a ward of the state.
I don’t want to drive one of them silly looking dinky little cars that they drive in France.

I hate berets.
I hate curly Q light bulbs.Candles work better.
I hate MSNBC. I friggin’ despise MSNBC.
I hate tofu.

I like red meat.The redder the better.
I like fossil fuel.
I like Sarah Palin.
I like Michelle Malkin.
I like Ann Coulter. I don’t like Ann Coulter.
I like Laura Ingraham
Why is it the only conservatives with any balls lately are women…?

When will someone in this country stand up and defend me,defend this nation and defend our traditions and customs that have made us leaders in the world?
Someone elected I mean.