Maybe some people should open a dictionary and read what the word "Develop" means.


This is in regards to streiff’s diary this morning that Herman Cain does not know that China has nuclear weapons.
That is absurd.
For the benefit of our our good friend streif I have actually taken the time to go through the long and arduous process of actually looking at the definition of the word “develop” because some people may be confused as to it’s meaning or meanings.
I have highlighted that definitions that may be relevant to this discussion.
Shall we….?

[dih-vel-uhp]   Example Sentences Origin
   /dɪˈvɛləp/ Show Spelled[dih-vel-uhp] Show IPA
verb (used with object)
to bring out the capabilities or possibilities of; bring to a more advanced or effective state: to develop natural resources; to develop one’s musical talent.

to cause to grow or expand: to develop one’s muscles.

to elaborate or expand in detail: to develop a theory.
to bring into being or activity; generate; evolve.
Drafting. to transfer the details of (a more or less two-dimensional design, pattern, or the like) from one surface, especially one that is prismatic or cylindrical, onto another, usually planar, in such a way that the distances between points remain the same.

to cause to go through the process of natural evolution from a previous and lower stage.
to cause to progress from an embryonic to an adult form.
Mathematics. to express in an extended form, as in a series.
Music. to unfold, by various technical means, the inherent possibilities of (a theme).
to render visible (the latent image on an exposed film or the like).
to treat (an exposed film or the like) with chemicals so as to render the latent image visible.
Chess. to bring (a piece) into effective play, especially during the initial phase of a game when pieces are moved from their original position on the board: He developed his rook by castling.
Mining. to prepare (a new mine) for working by digging access openings and building necessary structures.

verb (used without object)
to grow into a more mature or advanced state; advance; expand: She is developing into a good reporter.

to come gradually into existence or operation; be evolved.

to be disclosed; become evident or manifest: The plot of the novel developed slowly.
to undergo developing, as a photographic film.
to progress from an embryonic to an adult form.
to progress from earlier to later stages of ontogeny or phylogeny.
to reach sexual maturity

Related forms
de·vel·op·a·ble, adjective
de·vel·op·a·bil·i·ty, noun
half-de·vel·oped, adjective
hy·per·de·vel·oped, adjective
mis·de·vel·op, verb

non·de·vel·op·a·ble, adjective
pre·de·vel·op, verb
un·de·vel·op·a·ble, adjective
well-de·vel·oped, adjective

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Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2011
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Example Sentences

* By that same fact, it becomes a necessary factor in the child’s development.

* But engineers developing such embedded technologies face a big obstacle: power.

Related Words for : develop
evolve, germinate, acquire, get, grow

World English Dictionary
develop (dɪˈvɛləp) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
—vb (often foll by from)
1. to come or bring to a later or more advanced or expanded stage; grow or cause to grow gradually
2. (tr) to elaborate or work out in detail
3. to disclose or unfold (thoughts, a plot, etc) gradually or (of thoughts, etc) to be gradually disclosed or unfolded
4. to come or bring into existence; generate or be generated: he developed a new faith in God
5. to follow as a result (of); ensue (from): a row developed following the chairman’s remarks
6. (tr) to contract (a disease or illness)
7. (tr) to improve the value or change the use of (land), as by building
8. (tr) to exploit or make available the natural resources of (a country or region)
9. (tr) photog
a. to treat (film, plate, or paper previously exposed to light, or the latent image in such material) with chemical solutions in order to produce a visible image
b. to process (photographic material) in order to produce negatives and prints
10. biology to progress or cause to progress from simple to complex stages in the growth of an individual or the evolution of a species
11. (tr) to elaborate upon (a musical theme) by varying the melody, key, etc
12. (tr) maths to expand (a function or expression) in the form of a series
13. (tr) geometry to project or roll out (a surface) onto a plane without stretching or shrinking any element
14. chess to bring (a piece) into play from its initial position on the back rank
15. obsolete (tr) to disclose or reveal
[C19: from Old French desveloper to unwrap, from des-dis-1 + veloper to wrap; see envelop]

Nowhere did I read the word “invent”.
China has nuclear weapons that is true but perhaps they would like to develop them even more as they are becoming a super power so they can project their might world wide.
China has the second largest submarine fleet in the world consisting mainly of diesel /electric boats.The largest fleet belongs to the United States but China is in the process of developing a newer and more sophisticated nuclear powered Shang -Class

The Type 093 (NATO designation Shang class) nuclear-powered attack submarine was developed since the mid-1980s under high secrecy. It is a successor to the Type 091 (NATO designation Han class).

Development progress was slow due to enormous technical difficulties, including nuclear reactor and onboard weapon systems. It is speculated that development of the Shang class was assisted by Russian Rubin Central Design Bureau, one of the main Russian centers of submarine design.

While I am certain that China has it’s own commercial aircraft they would like to develop their fleet further and that is why Boeing is going to be building factories in China.

North Korea has detonated a nuclear device and are trying to develop their capabilities even farther but they are far from being a nuclear power.

We are all born with a muscular system but some of us would prefer to develop our muscles even more and go to the gym.

I myself have never really cared for red wine but as I grew older I developed a taste for it.

Sometimes in politics it is often difficult to gauge the complexities of certain event and prudent people often wait for further developments before they form an opinion.

Have I made my point yet or do I need to develop it more for some to understand….?

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