It's sounds funny but the TOTUS being stolen is no laughing matter.

As many of you know by now the bus containing the presidential podium and the President’s teleprompter was stolen from a Courtyard Marriot in Virginia and comically enough recovered at a Holiday Inn Express hours later. Cue the jokes now. Sure that sounds funny and everything. Moe is having fun with it.
Jim Hoft is getting a little chuckle out of it and so is Ed Morrissey over at HotAir.

Oh, come on. I don’t see what the big deal is in this NBC story from Henrico, VA. Isn’t this just a demonstration of open-source redistributionism?

As much as I admire and respect those men I do not think that they are looking at this with the seriousness it deserves.

This is no laughing matter.
Presidential security has been seriously seriously breached.
Yes….I wrote the word “seriously” twice.
Only one person in the world gets to stand behind that podium and it is the POTUS.
Where that podium will be so will the President eventually.

Oh come on NeoKong…what’s the BFD ? They found the damn thing. No one got hurt.

I’ll tell you what the BFD is.
They found it only because I assume that some yahoos stole it without realizing what it was and when they did they abandoned it.
That is only an assumption. I am hoping that is what happened and not something more sinister.
The BFD here people is that that a key part of the Presidential entourage was sitting all alone and unsecured while it’s security detail was maybe drinking beer, singing karaoke and eating 50 cent buffalo wings.

Think for a moment what sort of things might be on that bus.
Are there travel itineraries for the POTUS. Any documents that will tell a reader exactly where the POTUS will be a week from now and in what ballroom between 2:45-3:15 PM….?
Do you think maybe that someone who doesn’t like the U.S. or the POTUS might like that sort of information ?
Were there any security manuals that detail Secret Service detail protocol.?
Could there be any sort of personnel schedules. Things with names, dates, radio frequencies, code words, emergency planning, escape routes.
What about any technical manuals…?
If you know who travels with the POTUS could maybe you find out who their family is?
Who made the bus and is it armored like the POTUS’ own bus.
Might there be some sort of schematic as to where the gas tank is or what sort of electrical system they have ?
Does it have an onboard computer system or GPS…?

I am just some incredibly handsome guy on the internet with many devoted followers but with just a little imagination and thinking I can come up with all sort of questions and scenarios about what sort of intelligence or opportunities can be gleamed off of two or three hours of uninterrupted access to the bus that carries the presidential podium and the TOTUS.
What if somebody who actually does this for a living and had all sorts of high level intelligence and security or military training got inside that bus.
Does it still seem so funny….?
That bus contains a treasure trove of security and intelligence information if breached by the right people.

Think about what if they did not steal the bus but merely tampered with it undetected ?
What if they planted a tracking device.
What if they planted a surveillance camera or an audio transmitter ?
Can you imagine what sort of conversations take place aboard that bus…?
What do you think they talk about ?
What if someone could watch the how all the equipment is prepped and by who ?
What if a small explosive was somehow secured to the Presidential podium…?
What if somebody sprayed an odorless and colorless liquid on the microphone or the surface of the podium…?

Oh come on now NeoKong….you’re getting a little crazy now.
Nobody does stuff like that.

Yeah ..I guess you’re right. Tell that to those Russian journalists who were poisoned and tell that to Viktor Yushchenko.
He was the third president of the Ukraine who was almost killed by poison in 2004 with a deadly toxin that severely disfigured him.

NeoKong…I’m sure that they checked it out thoroughly and looked for all that stuff.
Yeah…because they knew of the breach. But what if they didn’t?

Look at it this way.
What if CIA operatives scanning all the intelligence gathered during the Bin Laden raid had the names and code names of all the people who come into contact with Mullah Omar ?
What if they knew his schedule. What if they knew the structure of his security detail ?
What if they actually had access to any sort on equipment or nomenclature that they knew for sure would eventually be in his presence.
Would that be valuable…?
Of course it would.
Do you think for a moment that Iranian intelligence operatives would like a chance to get inside a bus that travels with Benjamin Netanyahu…?
Would Chinese intelligence operatives like to get inside a bus that travels with the president of Taiwan…?
What do you think the Chinese did to that EP-3 Aries surveillance plane they forced to land at a Chinese airbase in 2001 before they returned it….?

Here is the bottom line.
Something that was under the protection of the Secret Service was breached and stolen.
Something that will definitely have direct contact with the POTUS was out of their control for hours by god knows who.
This wasn’t Hank William’s tour bus where the only thing someone might find is a guitar, some porn magazines and a few empty bottles of Jack Daniels.
This bus travelS with with POTUS, the most powerful man in the free world behind George Soros.