Obama told the Congressional Black Caucus to take their bedroom slippers off.

Obama spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus last night.
I guess he had to show them some love because when your own team’s black Congress people are threatening to march on the White House you know your turd is weak.

Obama got his MLK on.
He did some Denzel too.
He was dropping all his g’s and speaking all preachy.
He was using his best authentic dialect.
He threw is some race baiting as well because the CBC eats that up.
A little class warfare too.
Them white folk got all the money.
He even hopped into a time machine and went back to Selma and mentioned fire hoses, beat downs, troopers and tear gas.
He even implied that Republicans are not voting for his jobs plan because he is black.(That’s how I saw it).

He told them that if they start a business and do well that they need to pay their fair share..you know, probably like his Aunt Zeituni would have done if she ever had a job.
The applause seemed a little thin on that one.

He talked about the hard times he and Michelle had coming up on the mean streets, how poor they were and how his own mother had to go on food stamps.
Sadly there was no mention of his dear father.
If you want that good street cred brother you have to have known food stamps.
He said that in this country it shouldn’t even matter where you are born.
Read into that what you will.
I’m not touching it.
He even said how when he and Michelle tuck their children into bed at night….at the White House he thinks about keeping the American dream alive for them. I guess he is worried that after his term that his kids might end up on food stamps or something too.
Why not…?
Everyone is/was/ or will be soon.
I don’t know about you but something tells me he shouldn’t worry about his daughters too much.
Somehow I get the feeling that his kids will somehow be lucky enough to see the inside of a limousine,Secret Service details and private jets again God willing.
Something tells me that Michelle will still have plenty of opportunities to rip the claws of a lobster with her teeth.
Maybe I’m wrong.

This was a speech that he could only give exclusively in front of a black audience.
He could never ever give a speech like this in front of a mixed audience because it was dripping with references of racism and white privilege.
As he closed up his comments he summoned up his best Martin Luther and brought it home with a fiery call for people to fight and march.

Oh…and take off your bedroom slippers.

I have to say that this speech was a little on the offensive side and if this is the sort of stuff he wants to run on then he can kiss the support of the many white people who voted for him goodbye.
Make no mistake about it. He clearly gave this speech in a us vs. them tone.