Because we all know how much the left condemns violent gun imagery.

Oh what a difference a (D) makes.

Remember how Keith Olbermann got all up in arms over this….?


Joe Manchin standing there with a loaded rifle claiming how he will keep the Federal Govt. and Barack Obama off the backs of West Virginians.   Cap and Trade….?   He will take dead aim at it.

I’m pretty sure that Sarah Palin has never made a political ad  claiming how she will take on Washington and the Obama administration while holding a loaded rifle.  I am also pretty sure that she never fired a bullet through what many Democrats consider to be one their most important bills.   Had she done any of that we all know it would be considered a direct threat on the lives of the President and Democrats in Washington.

CBS didn’t really seem to have a problem with the ad either.   They briefly touched on it. Manchin answered and then they all just moved on.

Oh well.   I guess it didn’t matter too much to the left like with Sarah Palin’s violent and inflammatory election target map which they all know with absolute certainty was a not to subtle call too murder Democrats.

The Joe Manchin thing ? It was just a harmless election ad.