I refuse to take down my Bielat for Congress sign.

No way. Ain’t gonna’ do it.
That goes for my bumper sticker too.
I scraped off my McCain/Palin sticker the day after the 2008 election but this time I’m not going to budge.
I just can’t do it.
I won’t do it.
I won’t give them the satisfaction.
I’m gonna’ keep that damn sign out on my front porch until the next election if I have to to protest the utter jackassery and ignorance of the voters of the MA 4th CD.

They re-elected the biggest most arrogant and corrupt jerk in Congress Barney Frank when they had the opportunity to finally get rid of him and get someone who looks like he came right out of central casting for a remake of Mr. Smith goes to Washington with Sean Bielat.
” The people of my state need permanent relief from crooked men riding their backs.”
I took it a little hard.
Now I’m just mad.

We had an opportunity to rid us of the most insufferable boor the House had beside Alan Grayson.
A man who has the grace and demeanor and charm of sand paper.
A guy who needs a corkscrew to put his pants on.
A guy so clueless about how money is made or earned that he couldn’t even oversee a turnkey prostitution business from his home.
A man who took his dimwitted boyfriend on a luxury vacation on a private jet to the Virgin Islands paid for by a man who received $200 million dollar bailout. S. Donald Sussman.
Frank claimed the trip was worth $ 1,500. Yeah right…..maybe by the hour.
A man who openly insults his constituents at a town meeting.
A man who even admitted the he had no clue the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were imminent even though Republicans had been warning about it for years.
Even Alan Greenspan warned us all over five years ago.
Barney opposed reform.
Thanks Barney. Heckuva’ job.

Honestly….what do you have to do to get fired in Massachusetts….?
A state where three Speakers of the State House in a row all plead guilty to federal corruption charges.
A state where drowning a girl in your car is actually an asset at election time.
A state where if your wife is indicted for laundering $7 million dollars for her fugitive felon brother and pleads guilt to tax fraud you can claim ignorance and skate to victory.

We could have had a new Congressman we could be proud of but no.
We still got Elmer Fudd.
That’s why I’m leaving my sign up.
I’m going to remind those fools every single day the opportunity they passed up.
I thought maybe when Scott Brown got elected that maybe they were finally waking up.
I was wrong. It was like they all OD-ed on dummy pills.
This state is retaaaahded.


Damn them all to hell.