Manning the phones with Bielat for Congress.

Oh yeah…..I was there at Ground Zero for Bielat for Congress.
I gave plenty of money.
I put out my lawn sign.
I put my bumper sticker on my truck on the outside on the paint because that shows commitment. Any body can tape it to the rear windshield on the inside.
I held up signs in traffic.
Today I phone banked.
I’m all in baby and I’m not done yet.
All hands on deck.

I had never held up campaign signs or phone banked before but this election is too important to sit back and hope someone else gets it done.
I ain’t looking for hope.
I’m looking for results.
I got my butt off the couch.

I arrived about 3:30 this afternoon and when I walked through the door I was met by the same nice lady Terry who met me last time I was there.
I said ” Aahh hey… I got some free time this afternoon, can I help out…?”
“You want to make some phone calls?” she said.
“Giddy up”
I replied.
They logged me in and two minutes later I was sitting down next to a very nice lady named Linda who showed me what to do.

They had it all set up easy so even a chimp could do it.
Unfortunately I had no chimp of my own so I had to learn to do it myself.
All I had to do was hit the next call button and a name and county came upon the screen and the phone started ringing.
All my calls tonight were to Norfolk county.
A lot of Irish names.

There were six kinds of calls responses.
1. The hang up. Then you hit next call.

2. The most common result was the voice mail. Then you leave a recorded message from Sean. When you are tight with Mr. Bielat like I am you get to call him Sean.

3. The “Thanks , we’re all set” and click.

4. The people who actually tolerated you daring to invade their privacy who were polite but brief.
“Ok… well thank you, I’d rather not say but goodbye.”

5. The people who actually supported Barney Frank although they couldn’t tell you why.

6. And finally the people who were thrilled you called and could not wait to tell you how much they did not like Barney and wanted him fired.

For the most part the last group was by far the biggest group of people who answered the phone.
Everyone we talked to had us on caller ID so they knew who we were before they picked up.
I had one guy tonight pick up the phone screaming ” Dude…Bielat for Congress. F(){l< ing A. !!!”
I couldn’t get rid of him. I almost had to hang up on him but because he was so excited I was glad to listen.
I got a few responses like that.
Some people were quite glad to talk.
We were having a ball.
We were all sitting right next to each other so you could tell when someone was getting a good response.

A lot of times the person I was calling was not there but someone else answered so I would leave a message. “I was just calling on behalf of Sean Bielat for Congress and wanted to remind (insert name here) to please come out and vote on Tuesday.
Is this Mrs. (insert name here)…?
How about you maam ? What do you think, are you going to vote on Tuesday ?”
You are ? Oh gee that’s fantastic. We can’t wait to see you on Tuesday. Thanks for listening and have a good night.”

Sometimes I got one of their kids.
I didn’t care. I still left a message that we hoped that their parent turned out Tuesday to vote.
I had no shame.
” Make sure you tell daddy that Sean Bielat is a fiscal conservative and he doesn’t hate Santa Claus like Barney Frank does.”

You got a problem with that….?

All in all it was a very good experience and I want to do more tomorrow.
I’m going to hold a sign again tomorrow in Newton Center on Beacon St. and after I’ll hit the phones again for a little while.
It was sort of fun but also quite important.
I was glad to do it and wished I had started earlier.
I made 275 calls today.
When I got home my hand was numb and my ears were ringing and my cheek was getting a rash.
I don’t care.
You gotta’ take one for the team sometimes.
A little ice and some phisoderm and I was a new man.

The best part was that I got to hang out ( again) with the big guy, Sean Bielat.
We were like peas and carrots.
See for yourself.
A free slurpee to the first person to decipher my little sign.


Thank you.
We are almost there.
Remember in November.