On the ground with Bielat for Congress.

I stopped by Sean Bielat’s Newton Ma. campaign office yesterday to pick up some lawn signs and a bumper sticker and I thought to myself “Hey,…this might make a good diary”.

Through this door was the Supreme Allied Command to take down the biggest jerk in Congress.
Barney Frank.

When I opened the door I was greeted by a very nice lady named Terry who welcomed me into the office. I should have took her picture. Sorry
I did take a photo of some of the hard working troops working the phones.
I wrote their names down but I misplaced the post-it.
I hope I got it right.

Dorrie, Dave , Claire and Doreen.

Look on the back wall.
Can you see all the letters and notes taped to it ?
Those are cards and letters written by people from all over the country.
Some were even from soldiers serving overseas.
They all wanted to say thank you to Sean Bielat for taking on Barney Frank and they all said how much they want to see Bielat win.
The letters were everywhere. All the walls had them.
This race is very important to many people who have never even set foot in the state.
They want Frank fired.

The place was jumping.
The phones were ringing and people were coming and going.
It was quite busy.
They were getting low on yard signs so I had to beg for an extra.
I was getting nowhere so I resorted to bribery.
I told the lady by the door “I’ll give you $50 for another sign”.
She said OK.
I wrote a check.

My general impression of the office was that motivation was high and the volunteers were positive and upbeat. They had a sense of purpose and they believed in their cause.
They had their act together.
I stuck around for about a half an hour and we listened to Sean give a radio interview.
As I was leaving I went to say goodbye but everybody had a phone in their hand and just sort of waved over their shoulder.
They were busy.

I went home and put up my lawn sign proud as a peacock.
This afternoon someone stole it.
Good thing I had a spare.
I’m going to nail it to the porch.
No one is gonna’ steal that one.

We can do this.
We can take down Barney Frank.
Remember in November.

Sean Bielat For Congress.