Be proud Fla. 8th. Daniel Webster and his wife Sandy are a class act.

A while back Moe did a diary about how despicable Alan Grayson is and at the end he linked to Grayson’s opponent for the Fla. 8th Congressional seat, Daniel Webster.
Because I despised Alan Grayson so much for so many reasons I immediately sent $50 to the Webster campaign.

Today I got a thank you note.
It is a very lovely letter that was personally handwritten by Mr. Webster’s wife Sandy.
Not an e-mail.
Not a form letter.
Not another solicitation for money.
Just a very nice handwritten note. That’s pretty classy and something I will remember.
Mrs. Webster has very good penmanship btw.
She is the wife of Florida’s next Congressman for the 8th district.
Congratulations to them both and I say thank you to them for doing this country a huge favor and taking out that punk Alan Grayson and showing him a very short congressional career.
Thank you to the voters as well who are running that chump out of town on a rail.


I have given to well over a dozen different campaigns this cycle usually because of a diary I read here and most of them have won their primaries and will go on to success.
This is the second handwritten thank you note I have received.
The first was from Wisconsin’s Sean Duffy, the next Congressman from the 7th district of Wisconsin.
Another good guy.
Less than 4 weeks to go and I can’t wait to watch the DNC collapse upon itself on Nov.2nd.
They are going to get smoked.

Remember in November.

Daniel Webster For Congress.