Keith Olbermann Leans Forward.

Keith Olbermann is a disgusting POS.
Lean Forward.

The tagline “defines us and defines our competition,” said Griffin…his inference being that the Fox News Channel, the No. 1 cable news channel and a home for conservatives, is leaning backwards. Fox’s best-known tagline is “Fair and Balanced.”…

“It’s an umbrella that’s pretty wide, but that does have a progressive sensibility,” he continued. “We’re confident. We’re strong. Let’s not live in the past, let’s not live by fear.

The network has struggled to define itself with its audience since it launched in 1996. In the runup to the 2008 presidential election, network programming began to coalesce around primetime anchors Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. It branded itself as “The Place for Politics” — a description given by Tim Russert, then NBC News Washington Bureau Chief and “Meet the Press” moderator.

With the addition of left-leaning anchors including Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz, the network increasingly became identified with a rising tide of progressive political sentiment. The new branding campaign, while not overtly political, implicitly embraces the network’s progressive identity.

Tim Russert would roll over in his grave if he ever saw the downright nastiness of Keith Olbermann tonight.
The white hot misogyny was off the scale as Bathtub boy tries his hand at comedy at Christine O’Donnell’s expense. He does a routine on her witch comments and combined with the new thing today that her father once filled in as Bozo the clown many years ago.
He interviews some guy dressed as a clown and some transvestite freak posing as the witch.
The transvestite freak manages to slip in at least three sexually derogatory comments about O’Donnell while Olbermann just snickers like the f***ing creep he is and at the end the clown tosses in a Sarah Palin insult.
I gotta’ warn you.
This will be a tough six minutes but if your tolerance is low just go to the last three minutes.
Your jaw will drop at the outright hostility and anger .
Via Mediaite.

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