Desperate leftie lie of the day.

According to UW-Madison Police, more than 26,500 people showed up for the rally, making it Obama’s largest since the campaign. Most packed into the mall on what turned into a crisp fall night, standing shoulder-to-shoulder from Memorial Library to Park Street, while others spilled up Bascom Hill.

First of all, that place is not a “Mall”.
It is a campus common.

Nice try.
26,500 people my A$$.
Notice that they don’t say 25,000.
They don’t say 27,000.
They say 26,500.
Quite specific wouldn’t you say…?
That would be like saying that the Glen Beck Restoring Honor rally drew 286,947 people and 22 dogs. There was supposed to be seven more people there but they got a flat tire on the way and missed it.

There is no way that crowd had 26,500 people.
See for yourself.
I have both sides of the crowd that is pretty much everybody there.
Picture one.

I know at first that it looks big but if you look at the section I segregated by a green line there are less than 100 people in that box.
Now look at the people directly outside of the box. They practically disappear even though they are only a few yards away.
Now look at the red arrow which is about the halfway point of the crowd.
It points at the middle flag banner on the crowd barrier.

Picture two.


Still looks big but if you notice how large Obama looks compared to people only forty or fifty feet away. They begin to look like ants and sort of blurry.
Look at the middle flag banner. If you look back just five people from the barrier all the people blur together into a sort of pale-ish gray confetti with no distinguishing details like colored signs or hats. They all look like a pile of sand. You can’t even make out differences in clothing.
Look at the features on the buildings which are much farther away but yet they are clearer in detail but the people who are much closer are all shrunken and blurred.
I will be generous and say the red circle I have drawn has 100 people and yet it takes up a huge portion of the picture.
Keep in mind that you would have to fill 265 similar circles to achieve the number 26,500 people and seven dogs. You might be able to squeeze in eight or nine circles in there adjusted for proportional size or that circle would have to contain 1,000 people to reach the correct number.
Now look at the street light poles way in the back.You can clearly distinguish the white glass globes which are probably the size of a basketball but yet the people who are a hundreds of feet closer all fade together as if they are all wearing similar colored head to toe body suits.
The proportions do not match.

I’m sorry.
I don’t see it it.
There maybe three or four thousand people there and I’m being super generous.
Keep in mind that many of those people actually live and work on that campus and only had to step outside to be there.
I bet the whole campus was shut down and every single employee down to the grounds keepers were told to go to that rally.
Now add in the union people bussed in from another zip code.
A nice crowd for sure.
26,500 people…?
No way.

I won’t go as far to say the pictures were photoshopped but they do look a little funny.
Actually…I do think it has been photoshopped.
If I’m wrong I’m wrong.
It wouldn’t be the first time Obama leftie media hacks pulled a fast one now would it…?