Top Ten Ways That Democrats Could Offend Americans More Than Supporting The Ground Zero mosque.

OK. It’s official now. Democrats intend to race to November on the offend as many people as possible strategy.
I strongly supports this.
The plan as I see it is to insult and offend their way into election victory and as far as I can tell they have been hard at work since the election to implement this bold new strategy.

Barack Obama flies to the Middle East and apologizes to the muslim world for American greatness.
They have been calling us racists and bigots for two years now.
They want to destroy our health care system.
They told us to turn in our friends and family for speaking out against Obamacare.
They cannot wait to raise our taxes in an economic downturn.
They have taken a trillion dollars and made it evaporate.
They are a wrecking ball to small businesses.
They want no borders and have sued the state of Arizona for merely following federal law.
They have shut down the Gulf oil industry.
They are turning California’s central valley into a dust bowl.
They are giving billions to their favorite union supporters at the expense of the poor.
They have accused us of spitting on a black Congressman.
They have called us terrorists.
They have mocked and insulted the very people who put them in power by criticizing the professional left.
They want to pack the Supreme Court with as many far left activist rubber stamp judges as possible.
The President’s wife vacations like royalty in a foreign country while millions of Americans at home are out of work and going on food stamps.

As if that wasn’t enough now they are drawing a line in the sand and are determined to push through a Ground Zero mosque no matter how much it offends the little people who will be going to the polls very very soon.
Pelosi even wants to investigate those who oppose the mosque.
Axelrod….. you magnificent bastard !

I will admit that I don’t completely understand the brilliance of this campaign strategy but you cannot deny that the Democrats swept the table in 2008 so I am not so quick to discount the plan.
After all…they did take all the marbles in the last election so you cannot say that they do not know how to campaign.
Divide and conquer.

I want to help them flesh out this campaign strategy and expand it.
In the new and exciting era of bi-partisanship and crystal clear transparency ushered in by Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi I have ten suggestion to help the Democrats offend as many people as possible which seems to be their goal.
This might just work.

1. Have Eric Holder sue Major League Baseball for singing the National Anthem.

2. Outlaw cheeseburgers.

3. Mandate by law that beer must be served warm.

4.File a class action lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America for not being gay enough.

5. Make Ramadan a national holiday.

6. Give Bill Ayers a Presidential Citation for all his hard work in the seventies.

7. Ban kissing puppies.

8. Tell people that watching Wheel of Fortune is stupid.

9. Have the President pretend to swim in the Gulf of Mexico.

10. Make a law that says only Chevy Volts can race in NASCAR.

If they follow my plan I can guarantee victory in November.

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